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Emily Coulston

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Rock Guitar, Keyboard, Country Voice, R&B Voice, Song Writing, Piano, Voice, Logic Pro

Singer, songwriter, and guitar player Emily Coulston has over 10 years of experience teaching and performing music. From an early age, Emily travelled independently to Nashville, TN where she co-wrote with big-name songwriters and performed in legendary music venues.

$30.00 / 30 minutes

Terri Lynn Bocklund

Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Keyboard, Musical Theater, Song Writing, Piano, Voice, Music Theory


$40.00 / 45 minutes

Kyle Cripps

Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Rock Guitar, Keyboard, Organ, Jazz Piano, Gospel Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Pro Tools, Song Writing, Piano, Music Theory, Composition, Improvisation

A native of Cape May, NJ, multi-instrumentalist and composer Kyle Cripps is now at the forefront of the New Orleans’ modern music scene.

$30.00 / 30 minutes

Rebecca Sorensen

Keyboard, Opera, Classical Voice, Musical Theater, Piano, Voice

Becky is an experienced and respected performer and music educator. She has two degrees in voice performance, a bachelor of music from DePaul University in Chicago, and a master's in voice performance from Rice University in Houston.

$30.00 / 30 minutes

Bill Henry

Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Jazz Piano, Drums, Piano, Voice

Bill’s Education:

Bill is a 33-year old native of Pittsburgh, PA, where he went to Clarion University of Pennsylvania and received a dual degree in Music Education and Music Business. Bill has studied piano, voice, drum set/percussion for 20+ years, and guitar for 10 years.

$35.00 / 30 minutes

Tim Helisek

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Lead Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Rock Guitar, Metal Guitar, Keyboard, Organ, General Mixing and Mastering, Song Writing, Piano

Timothy A.

$20.00 / 30 minutes

Mark V Sheldon

Keyboard, Harmonica, Accordion, Pro Tools, Song Writing, Composition

Mark V Sheldon has been “Specializing In Melody” since the age of five when he discovered his natural ability to play and create catchy tunes by teaching himself the harmonica by ear.  He went on to learn the accordion at ten, the piano at 12, MIDI and synthesizers at 15, the guitar at 30, and a long list of other exotic inst

$60.00 / 45 minutes
Kyley Smith Piano Teacher

Kyley Smith

Keyboard, Piano

Kyley Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in piano performance from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Kyley also received pedagogical and performance training from the North Carolina School of the Arts, Salem College, and Wake Forest University.

$35.00 / 30 minutes
Peter Hurst teaches live online music lessons at Lessonface

Peter Hurst

Keyboard, Jazz Piano, Gospel Piano, R&B Voice, Rock Voice, Musical Theater, Jazz Voice, Song Writing, Piano, Rap and Lyrics, Voice

Peter Hurst attended Capilano University, Vancouver Community College and Simon Faser Universtiy.  With a degree in composition, he is principal at GraceNoteArts Music school.    He teaches children and adults from beginner to advanced and will make your learning experience fun and gratifying.

$15.00 / 15 minutes

Brandon Buckley

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Lead Guitar, Rock Guitar, Metal Guitar, Keyboard, Jazz Piano, Song Writing, Piano, Audition Prep from Berklee Alumni

Brandon is a Berklee College of Music graduate with a passion for all genres, though mainly popular music (pop, rock, indie, dance, electronic) as well as classical, ranging from Rachmaninov to Mozart.

$20.00 / 15 minutes
Music Specialist-Dr. Maria Armstrong

Maria Armstrong

Keyboard, Gospel Piano, R&B Voice, Musical Theater, Piano, Voice


Welcome to the wonderful world of music!

$30.00 / 30 minutes

Judith E Fine

Keyboard, Country Voice, Rock Voice, Metal Voice, Song Writing, Voice

I hold a Master of Music in Composition from Virginia Commonwealth University and have been teaching private theory and keyboard lessons since 1995. Over the years, I have performed in several different function bands as a singer, a keyboardist and as a trombonist. In 2007, after completing a certification course in a modern

$31.00 / 30 minutes

Gary Joynes

Keyboard, Jazz Piano, Saxophone, Song Writing, Piano

Gary Joynes is a songwriter, composer, producer, keyboardist, saxophonist and educator based in New York. Gary earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees from New England Conservatory, both with distinction.

$35.00 / 30 minutes
Henderson Nguyen teaches live online piano, keyboard, and music theory lessons at

Henderson Nguyen

Keyboard, General Mixing and Mastering, All DAWs, Piano

Henderson “The Theorist” Nguyen is a musician that has been garnering attention among Toronto’s diverse soundscape. His live performances have taken him world wide in most notable places such as: Toronto, Detroit, and Moscow - as well as being featured in the prestigious Hennessy Artistry event. The Theorist has taken over tw

$35.00 / 30 minutes

Tyler Myles Vega

Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Upright Bass, Drums, Flute, Trombone, Piano, Voice

I'm a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist that specializes in organizing small groups from individual students, focusing on collaboration as the primary learning tool.  I started on the flute in the 3rd grade, moved to low brass (trombone/euphonium/tuba/sousaphone) in middle school and started playing the rhytm instruments (bass/g

$15.00 / 15 minutes

John Gray

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Rock Guitar, Keyboard, Jazz Piano, Upright Bass, Piano

John Gray was born in 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona. He started playing music when he was seven years old, learning classical guitar, and taking up bass not soon after. John used all the knowledge he gained at a young age to become one of Phoenix's best young musicians.

$30.00 / 30 minutes
Jimmy Mio, LessonFace Piano and Songwriting Teacher

Jimmy James Page

Keyboard, Jazz Piano, Song Writing, Piano

I have a BA in Music from Rutgers University, and I’ve played keyboards and sung professionally for the last 25 years. During that time my home has been in the San Francisco Bay Area but I have performed all over the country and have toured several times in Germany, Switzerland, and Japan.

$15.00 / 15 minutes
Elina Akselrud teaches live online keyboard and piano lessons on Lessonface

Elina Akselrud

Keyboard, Piano

I play and teach all kinds of classical music - from Baroque to Contemporary.  I think it is very important to understand how unique and complete each individual style is - therefore, I don't really have a favorite one, since they are all incredible.  I am an open-minded and easy going person, always willing to collaborate wi

$40.00 / 30 minutes

Ryan Record

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Jazz Piano, Gospel Piano, Rock Voice, Classical Voice, Jazz Voice, Piano, Voice

Professional Info

$25.00 / 30 minutes
Kevin Lopez, Online Drum and Pro Tools Teacher at

Kevin Lopez

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Djembe, Bongo, Conga, Ukulele, General Mixing and Mastering, Piano, Hand Drums

Kevin Lopez is a touring and recording drummer/percussionist in the Los Angeles area. He is well versed in a multitude of styles such as jazz, fusion, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, R&B, funk, techno, disco, pop, rock, and many more.

$28.00 / 30 minutes