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Theory for Songwriters Outline

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Class 1
1.  Notes on the Grand Staff
2.  Intervals
3.  The Major Scale
4.  How to build chords
Class 2
1.  Meter Introduciton
2.  Diatonic Chords in Major
3.  Roman Numeral Analysis Intro
4.  Basic Notation Rules
Class 3
1.  Cadences
2.  Analyzing Common Chord Progressions
3.  Diatonic Chords in Natural Minor
4.  Major, Relative Minor and Parallel Minor
Class 4
1. Diatonic Chords in Melodic Minor
2.  Diatonic Chords in Harmonic Minor
3.  Progressions that shift between Major and Minor
Class 5
1.  More Chord Progressions with melodies
2.  Transposition
3.  Harmonizing a Melody

Course outline by Matt Macaulay (who also teaches the class)
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