Music Theory for Everyday Guitarists 2

About Music Theory for Everyday Guitarists 2

Sooner or later, most guitarists become curious about how their instrument works. Initially, the guitar can seem like a jumble of strings, frets, and rote memorization. As we progress, patterns start to emerge in chord shapes, scale patterns, and chord progressions. Those patterns don’t explain themselves, but even the most fundamental music theory knowledge can illuminate their logic and help you use them effectively. Getting to know the language of music transforms the way you see the guitar and opens up new avenues for your playing.

This two-part course will walk you through the essentials of music theory as it applies to the guitar. In Part One, which was offered in Winter 2022, students learned to find the notes on the fretboard and how to form basic chords and scales.  In Part Two (Spring 2022), you’ll build on your chord and scale knowledge how chords function in a key, how the keys relate to each other, and how to transpose music from one key to another. We’ll focus on knowledge that applies to every guitarist, regardless of genre.

Each unit will present one building block of essential music theory.  We’ll explore the concept both with guitar in hand and using our minds and musical logic alone. You’ll end each class with a few assignments (some guitar-in-hand, some written) to reinforce and practice applying your new knowledge.

Class Goals

  • - Students will learn to construct organically (without charts and other references) the most common chords and scales that intermediate guitarists tend to encounter
  • - Students will gain a solid understanding of the concept of keys and the circle of fifths
  • - Students will become agile in both constructing the given chords and scales theoretically and in finding them on their instruments

Age Range


How It Works

Students can connect to the online platform using a tablet or computer with reliable internet. To actively participate online students also need a webcam with a microphone. The class is covered by the Lessonface Guarantee.


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The class will meet for ten weekly 60-min live online sessions on Sundays at 10:30 am ET | 7:30 am PT | 14:30 UTC on the schedule below. The first session is on May 1.
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Enrolled students receive lifetime access to the video recordings of the classes.

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM EDT
Music Theory for Everyday Guitarists 2 - Unit 11: Using Your Theory Knowledge
Leah Kruszewski

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What’s Needed


You need a guitar (any kind), paper, and pencil for this course.

You’ll probably want to print the lesson notes and written exercises for each class.

Playing experience

One year of playing experience (any genre) is recommended.  We will explore many concepts with the guitar in hand.  The course won’t demand fancy techniques or speed, but you will want to use logical fingerings for scales and chords. 

Prior music theory knowledge 

Part Two will build on the concepts of Part One, which was offered in Winter 2022.  If you skipped Part One, make sure you know the notes on your guitar, how to play major scales, and how to build triads (three-note chords).

No music notation involved!

We'll refer to the musical alphabet using note names (A, B, C, etc.), but we won’t learn or use written music notation (that is, notes written on the staff). We’ll ignore it completely in the course, as most guitar styles don’t require it.
That said, if you already know music notation, you can apply and use that knowledge in all written exercises. In addition to writing out the note names for all the written exercises, transcribe everything to staff paper. All you’ll need in addition is plenty of staff paper.

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Leah Kruszewski

Leah Kruszewski

Lessonface's 2021 Teacher of the Year for Flamenco and Classical Guitar, Leah loves introducing flamenco guitarists to the rhythms and melodies of southern Spain and guiding classical players as they develop their technique and repertoire.  She also enjoys guiding beginners in Loog, fingerstyle, and acoustic guitar (ages 6 & up, please).

Upcoming 2023 group classes: Exploring Flamenco: Malagueña and Colombiana starts June 4th Exploring Flamenco: Tientos and Sevillanas starts September 10th Music Theory for Guitarists starts September 10th Beginner 3-String Loog Guitar for Kids starts September 10th

Based in Seville Spain, Leah is a native of Richmond Virginia, where ...

Ami S. on March 21, 2022
Class: Music Theory for Everyday Guitarists 1

This class was worth every moment! Leah is so knowledgeable and covers an impressive amount of material in this course. My musicianship was taken up several levels by the material in her course. I highly recommend any interested guitar player to roll up your sleeves and check out this value-packed class.

Verified Student on March 20, 2022
Class: Loog Guitar for New Musicians - Loog Level Zero

Leah was AMAZING!!!

Jack B. on March 20, 2022
Class: Exploring Flamenco: Farruca and Guajira

Very informative and a challenge for me

Eric F. on March 20, 2022
Class: Exploring Flamenco: Farruca and Guajira

As always, it was a real privilege to be in this group! Leah's teaching style is perfect--so much is covered in each lesson, but never at a pace that's too overwhelming. She has a wonderful sense of where we are, which must be very difficult, as everyone's at a different playing level. We are encouraged to ask questions and to share answers as well as play something if we so choose. Besides all these points, I'd just like to mention how incredibly helpful it is to review the recordings from each week's lesson. I'm really looking forward to the next class, beginning May 1--meanwhile, I've got plenty of material to practice!

Lou D. on March 20, 2022
Class: Exploring Flamenco: Farruca and Guajira

As always, lessons with Leah are great, well explained and technically challenging. Since I've been taking lessons with Leah, my guitar playing has improved greatly.

Eric F. on September 26, 2021
Class: Exploring Flamenco: Fandangos de Huelva and Tarantos

This was a fantastic lesson today! Leah's pace was just right for my playing ability--she want slowly enough so that I could keep up and yet not too slowly, thus keeping things challenging. I like the way she always demonstrates how to play things in a basic way and then shows us a "fancier" more musically interesting way to play it. Very much looking forward to next class!

Hayes D. on July 27, 2021
Class: Spanish Fingerstyle Guitar with Leah Kruszewski

Leah is very attentive. She gives you multiple chances to understand what she`s talking about. She gives examples at the beginning of the class, explains how to do what she is teaching, takes questions, excepts different interpretations and points of view, and gives students a chance to play. She also gives examples at the end, first playing slowly, and then faster, so that we really get to hear the piece and appreciate its potential. Thanks Leah!

Neil G. on May 11, 2021
Class: Rhythm and Rasgueos for All Guitarists

exciting and challenging new tools. Looking forward to the next class.

Liga V. on March 20, 2021
Class: Spanish Fingerstyle Guitar with Leah Kruszewski

My son has been taking group lesson since January and is having a lot of fun learning a new song every week. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

Liga V. on February 17, 2021
Class: Spanish Fingerstyle Guitar with Leah Kruszewski

Wonderful class. Teacher slowly explains the song and my son is able to learn it. Thanks so much!

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