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Forbes logoLessonface was in Forbes! From 10/24/16:

Now based in Brooklyn, N.Y., Spiegelman today teaches students located from Memphis, Tenn. to Turkey and Afghanistan on Lessonfacewithout leaving her home. By cutting down on local travel to lessons, she has more time to teach. And when she is touring as a performer, she doesn’t have to cancel her lessons.

Tanya Svec, a music teacher in Salem, Va., who teaches band and orchestra, moved onto the Lessonface platform a little over a year ago as a temporary measure, when she needed to relocate to a new building. She, too, soon discovered that teaching online allowed her to take on distant students from other areas of the country and Canada. She also found that her local students rarely had to cancel lessons when strep throat or other illnesses were going around or while their families were on vacation. She and her students loved working on video so much that she even had a recital online.

Excerpt from "Why Small Business Ownership Will Skyrocket in the Next 10 Years"
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Thank you for your interest in Lessonface! Our mission is providing a fair and high-performing marketplace for online music lessons so that students can find great teachers and teachers can find great students. Read here why teacher Yonit Spiegelman loves using Lessonface!

Teachers on Lessonface are independent contractors. Teacher profiles have a six month period of trial after going live on Lessonface. If there are no successful lessons completed in that time the profile may be marked inactive and will no longer be visible to new students.

If you're a great musician and teacher, and are interested in joining us, please get started making a profile by following these short steps. (Not a teacher? Click here to go to our main page for students.) Read on for more information.

Steps to Create a Lessonface Profile

  1. Sign in or register with the site as a teacher. Register with your email address rather than the social media account option.*
  2. Set up a profile. Once your profile is completed and you would like us to review it, send an email to kelly@lessonface.com letting us know it's ready.
  3. After the trial, successful applicants' profiles will go live on Lessonface. 34% of applicants are successful as of June 2017. If there is not a fit you may re-apply in six months by emailing us.

To Teach on Lessonface, Teachers Must Fit in at Least One of the Following Categories:

1) Have taught music for at least 2 years
2) Have worked as a professional musician for at least 5 years

Fitting these qualifications does not guarantee a profile listing on Lessonface. The most compelling profiles clearly express the teacher's affiliations, work experience in relation to music education, and demonstrated expertise in their chosen field. The profile set up process offers a few different ways of demonstrating those qualities, through text, video, and attached documents, and we hope allows you to really shine in a highly functional and professional lesson booking page.

Teachers must also have a computer or tablet that is able to reliably connect to the online lessons, which generally means a computer or tablet from the last 3-5 years with a webcam. Read more about required equipment here.

Benefits to the Teacher

We amplify your reach in a few ways.

Be discovered by new learners searching in our marketplace:

  • Expand your audience and possible teaching hours by reaching students outside of your area and time zone 
  • Completely COPPA-compliant for safe use by kids as well as adults
  • Professional and highly functional booking page

Utilize our scheduling and payment platform:

  • Students pre-pay for lessons
  • 24-hour cancellation policy enforced
  • Email notifications and follow ups
  • A scheduling and discounting system that encourages long-term students, while allowing for touring and other breaks
  • Access to Zoom, a secure and high performing video conferencing system built in


Fees: There are no application or profile set-up fees. The Lessonface fee is 15% of the private lesson bookings you receive at whatever rate you set, plus any additional payment transfer fee, which may range between 0-4% depending on your chosen payment method.**

In other words, teachers make 81-85% of the lesson tuition at the rate set by the teacher, and there are no out of pocket fees for creating a teaching profile on Lessonface. 

You can skip to the full legal terms here if you like. 

About Lessonface

Our Online Teaching Guide

Have more questions about how it really works? Check out our in-depth guide.

Lessonface operates on an algorithm that rewards teachers based on their demonstrated student attraction, retention, and success. Lessonface is growing and is looking for teachers who want to grow with us. We're a small but very dedicated team of real people working hard to make this lesson marketplace hum, and we're looking forward to connecting with you. Read more about Lessonface.

Final Notes & Thanks

If you'd like to have a conversation first, please reach out and let's chat.

Want to learn more about teaching a group class? Read more about group classes here.

Again, to get started, just sign up using your email - don't use the social network option - and choose "I'm a teacher" in the registration process. We recommend doing it on a computer using Firefox or Chrome, though it should also work on tablets and other browsers (as do the lessons themselves).

We look forward to seeing your Lessonface profile and to working with you!

Claire, Ashford, Yonit, and Kelly of the Lessonface staff. Musical staff, get it?

*If you have already registered with your social media account, and are saying to yourself, 'why did they not tell me this earlier...' click here to convert your account to a teacher application.