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About Lessonface

Lessonface connects students to great music teachers for face-to-face online live lessons. Since Lessonface.com came online in 2013, tens of thousands of music enthusiasts of all ages all over the world have joined. We hope you will too!

Our goal is for Lessonface to be a joyful venue for musical enrichment, so the love of music-making will proliferate across communities and eventual world peace will result.

In more down-to-earth terms, we provide an easy-to-use booking, messaging, scheduling, and learning system. We vet all the teachers you will find on Lessonface and enforce common sense policies so the lessons and classes can be operated well and fairly on all sides. We aim for a situation where teachers and students can focus on their educational journeys without worrying about the rest of it.

Lessonface is headquartered in the West Village of New York City, and we host seminars, workshops, group classes and small concerts in our studio. Most of our NYC-based events can also be attended remotely via live streaming video. Check out the upcoming event schedule

Pictured from L to R: Yonit Spiegelman, Kelly Leprohon, Claire Cunningham, and Ashford Tucker in front of the Lessonface studio looking into the sun in September 2017 

Lessonface is COPPA compliant.

Please reach out with any questions.

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Lessonface Advisory Board

Deb de Sherbinin
KidSmart, New England Chapter Head of Women in Toys, Former Director of Marketing at Hasbro


Chuck Eesley, PhD
Stanford Professor of Management and Engineering


Cara Scharf
Fearless Media 


Itai Ram
Facebook, formerly of Vidyo, Apple and Intel


Ron Raup
Rhodes Music, formerly CEO SmartMusic, COO Brook Mays Music, COO Coda Music Technology, SR VP Yamaha