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Forecasting Cells with Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah

christian scott atonde adjuah online master class


An interactive, online class live from Christian Scott's studio, Thursday, June 26th at 5 pm EST.


  • Past harmonic tendencies in Jazz as they relate to new harmonic landscapes in Stretch Music
  • Line construction for soloists (How to create more logic in lines)
  • Brass player tips
  • Q&A


Christian Scott, also known as Christian aTunde Adjuah (born March 31, 1983, in New Orleans, Louisiana) is a two-time Edison Award-winning, Grammy nominated jazz trumpeter, composer, and producer. Scott's Grammy nominated international recording debut, Rewind That, was called "arguably the most remarkable premiere the genre has seen in the last decade" by Billboard Magazine, earning Christian two prominent features on their cover and inclusion in their list of "10 New Faces to Watch" in 2006.

Since 2002 Christian has released seven critically acclaimed studio recordings and two live albums. According to NPR, "Christian Scott Ushers in New Era of Jazz." He has been heralded by JazzTimes Magazine as "the Architect of a new commercially viable fusion" and "Jazz's young style God." Scott is known for developing the harmonic convention known as the "forecasting cell" and for his use of an un-voiced tone in his playing, emphasizing breath over vibration at the mouthpiece, widely referred to as his "whisper technique." Scott is also widely recognized as one of the progenitors of "Stretch Music," a jazz rooted, genre blind musical form that attemps to "stretch" jazz's rhythmic, melodic and harmonic conventions to emcompass as many other musical forms, languages and cultures as possible.

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Class is live June 26, 2014 from 5-6 pm EST. The live session will be recorded and made available for later review by enrolled students for six months following the class.


Attend online over the Lessonface high performance video conference platform.


Advanced beginners to experienced musicians ages 14 and up.


Students attend over the Lessonface high performing video conference platform. Student attendees can connect to the online platform using a tablet or computer with reliable internet. To actively participate students also need a webcam. The live sessions are recorded so that all enrolled students and auditors can review the class sessions following the live class. Class recordings will be available for viewing within 48 hours of the live class.


If you have questions, please contact us by emailing or by calling 1-800-211-7058.

As a soloist, Mr. Adjuah, 31, formerly known as Christian Scott, could almost be clarity in the flesh. He’s a testifier and a catharsis engine, drawn to brusque, epigrammatic phrases that recall the exhortative cadence of New Orleans brass bands... 

New York Times, May 9, 2014