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I am a professional musician, educationalist and academic living in England. I have over 30 years’ experience of performing and teaching. My main instrument is electric and double bass, but I also play guitar, Latin American percussion and piano.

I have performed music in many professional contexts: recording sessions, clubs, arts centers, cruise work, theater productions, schools and universities. My teaching experience is also varied: adult education courses, schools, colleges, universities, private lessons and graded exams with people of all ages and abilities, and from different backgrounds.

My qualifications include a PhD in Cuban music, an MA in Ethnomusicology and a teaching diploma.

In lessons, an emphasis is placed on playing technique, dexterity, reading, stylistic knowledge, theory, playing creatively, and developing a good sense of rhythm, timing and groove. I believe these are the fundamentals of good bass musicianship. To develop these skills, musical examples are drawn from a wide range of styles, from jazz to popular and classical music. Topics include:

  • Components of the bass guitar
  • Tuning
  • Posture and playing technique
  • Notes of the fingerboard
  • How and what to practice
  • Intervals
  • Reading
  • Scales
  • Diatonic chords
  • Dexterity exercises
  • Bassline composition
  • Styles: blues, rock, reggae, soul, jazz, funk, Cuban, jazz-funk, Latin-jazz etc.
  • Slap
  • Double stops
  • Chords
  • Harmonics
  • Improvisation
  • Bach cello suites


As well as having a structured set of teaching materials to draw on, I am also happy to adapt to the needs of individual learners.

PhD in music at the Open University, Milton Keynes (2013), ‘Groove in Cuban Dance Music: An Analysis of Son and Salsa’.

MA Ethnomusicology at City University, London (2002), North Indian classical and popular music, Cuban dance-popular music, Javanese Gamelan, City Orchestra.

BSc (Hons), 1st Class, Computing with Human Factors at London Metropolitan University (1994), Programming (Unix, C, C++, Visual Basic, Miranda), Systems Analysis and Design, Software Engineering, Human-computer Interaction, Computer Graphics and Applied Cognitive Psychology.

Jazz and popular music at Goldsmiths University, London (1989 - 1993), Courses in bass, pitch and general musicianship and jazz workshop.

Grade 7 bass guitar (1997), London College of Music.

Grade 8 double bass (2004), Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Qualified Teacher Status (2000), Secondary School Teaching Diploma.

I mainly use my own teaching materials but the following books are a very useful supplement.

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