Alan Ahued Naime

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Composer, music theorist and educator.  I teach how to play piano, write songs and everything about music theory and composition.
----- For scheduling, PLEASE CONTACT ME so we can work out a time slot  :)  -----

I studied Music Theory and Composition and I hold a Masters in Composition as well.
I also studied Music Pedagogy, Sound Art, Creativity and a Masters in Media, Art, Design and Technology.

All my lessons are tailor-made for each student, so we can talk about your needs and I'll try my best to help you.

I teach Music Theory for all levels.
Either you are just starting or you want to strengthen some subjects, these classes are tailor-made for your needs. 

Piano for beginners.- I created a program for those who want to learn piano but can't spend a lot of time practicing. We cover the basics of chords and score reading and walk step by step into more complicated pieces. This means that you will soon be playing your favorite songs and slowly go into piano pieces (soundtracks, classical, musicals).


Music Theory.- Learn how to read, write and analyze music. The students will understand harmonic and melodic structures, notation, instrumentation and music terms. They will learn basic knowledge on textures and styles, from Baroque counterpoint to 12 tone matrices. I will teach based on the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music syllabus for grades 1-8.


Music Composition.- Students will learn how to analyze harmony, textures and processes. The class is based on learning composition tools and developing creativity through applied exercises. Of course we will spend some time commenting on each student's compositions.


Notation.- The student will learn all about the symbols, elements and writing skills. We will work in either Sibelius software or (free) Musescore. The student will also learn how to engrave, copy, digitalize and print music. I put special on showing the importance of notation knowledge in the music business.

Reviews from Group Classes

Reading Music: How to Improve Your Sightreading
Ackra K.
on December 8, 2020

My sightreading has improved dramatically in the 4 weeks we have been working together. Alan tailors his drills for the levels of students attending his class. Recommended!

Playing Lead Sheets
Audrey S.
on February 23, 2021

Alan is an excellent instructor. VERY patient....knows his only complaint is that the class is not an hour!!

Playing Lead Sheets
Tamis B.
on July 27, 2021

Really well taught. Clear. And I like the teacher's style. Very encouraging.

Reading Music: How to Improve Your Sight Reading
Verified Student
on July 27, 2021

Alan was an excellent and patient teacher. He made me feel very comfortable and was very inclusive for all participating.

Playing Lead Sheets
Audrey S.
on March 22, 2022

Alan is a fabulous and enthusiastic teacher! He clearly spends a lot of time planning each lesson and presents the material very clearly in small doses! He also provides wonderful hand-outs and welcomes feedback and any/all questions. To sum it up: Excellent class and instructor!!

Reading Music: How to Improve Your Sight Reading
Verified Student
on June 14, 2022

Very good class. It pushed my thinking abilities which was good. Awesome he could transpose music so quickly for a trumpet. Maybe he could do it to Fsharp for my Native American flute?? Really like this teacher.

Master of Arts in Media, Art, Design and Technology - MA
At Frank Mohr Institute, Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Fellowship in Music Composition - FLCM
Graduated with a portfolio at University of West London (London College of Music)
Licentiate in Music Theory - LMusLCM
Graduated with an examination at University of West London (London College of Music)
Licentiate in Music Theory and Composition - (CIEM)
At Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Música (Center for Research and Music Studies)
I have given lectures and courses on music composition, music theory, and sound art.
I have been a private teacher for several years now.

As a player, I've played in jazz, folk, and latin bands. Usually playing piano, accordion, Mexican instruments (jarana) or percussions.

The idea is to create tailor-made lessons for your specific interests. If you want to learn songwriting or electro-acoustic music I will make sure to give you the proper tools to develop your knowledge.

Please contact me before scheduling so we can fix the time together :)


Reviews of lessons with Alan Ahued Naime

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