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Mandolin, Fiddle, Violin, Ear Training, Music Theory, English
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I am a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for bluegrass and old time music. I love to perform and have had the opportunity to share the stage with many of my hero's. Over my years of learning and playing this music, I have been taught and mentored by many amazing musicians, which has inspired me to want to teach and mentor other musicians.  I have performed with my bluegrass band, Ghost Sugar, in venues all over Maryland and beyond, including the Gordon Center in Owings Mills, MD.

I have been awarded various times for my musicianship by organizations including the Seven Mountains Bluegrass Association, the Steve Mandell Memorial Scholarship, the Fletcher Bright memorial award, among others.

I started teaching privately several years ago and have taught a diverse array of students of all ages, skill levels, and even special needs.


*** Feel free to message me to arrange lesson times if there isn't a suitable time on my schedule***

I love helping my students succeed, and will do anything I can to teach a student in a way they connect with and find meaning in. I am a flexible and patient teacher with lots of knowledge and experience. I can explain things in many different ways to ensure you understand and learn something new in every lesson. I believe a solid foundation of technique and music theory, along with a dynamic and interesting lesson plan, will help any student succeed in learning any genre of music.

I usually don't follow books, and opt for a more individualized approach.  I encourage students to learn what inspires them and pursue the music that is interesting to them!

Reviews from Group Classes

Must-Know Tunes for the Beginner and Intermediate Fiddler
Liga V.
on March 14, 2021

My son has been taking group lesson since January and is having a lot of fun learning a new song every week. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

Must-Know Tunes for the Beginner and Intermediate Fiddler
Verified Student
on July 27, 2021

Good and slow enough, except not enough information for beginners who may not know ear training and proper fingering techniques to understand her directions.

Must-Know Tunes for the Beginner and Intermediate Fiddler
Verified Student
on July 27, 2021

Fiddle Bowing Intensive!
Yvette P.
on February 2, 2022

Loved this class. Alani was so sweet and gentle in her teaching method. She taught exactly what the class was described as. I would definitely take another of her seminars if she offered one Yvette

Fiddle Bowing Intensive!
Nuala L.
on March 2, 2022

Excellent class. Alani is a wonderful teacher and a fiddle expert.

Reviews of lessons with Alani Sugar

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