Ana Marija Franc

Harp, Piano
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I have five years of experience in teaching harp and music theory at the Official Music School of Pancevo(Serbia) and the British International Music School. I also have been giving private lessons to clients in Serbia and in Israel.I have performed on the harp and on the piano all around the world in Europe, Middle East and North America.  I played harp at the prayer breakfast in Serbia(2016) and at the wedding of the famous tennis player Novak Djokovic(2014). I love to compose and improvise my favorite pieces.

Rewards: student of generation in the Official Music High School for harp(2008); winner at the Harp International competition in Slovenia (2010). I have recorded 3 harp instrumental CDs and few CDs with orchestra music.

I love God and I am thankful for the talents and gifts God gave me to work on them and pass to others. 

I teach harp ANY age because nobody is too old to start to play harp!

I teach harp from the beginners to intermediate level. When I teach harp I focus on:  the technique (sitting, back, arms and fingers positions); the quality of the tone; the music theory (reading notes, harmony, rhythm, chords).

I love composing and arranging for harp my favorite music pieces. If my students would love to arrange their favorite music pieces, I would love to help them. Also if my students compose, I can work with them on their composing pieces.

I am a very patient teacher. I'm experienced at encouraging, mentoring and motivating my students. I know how to recognize the progress in my students and know how to build them up. My teaching style incorporates inspiring my students to grasp all the aspects of the beauty of music and be creative with it. It is very important for me to build a good harp technique foundation in my students on which they can freely make music from their heart.

I love to see my students enjoying  while playing harp.

My curriculum is different for each individual according to their level. I can see what level is the student through free 15 minutes trial or through our conversation through messages. 

Book for beginners: Isabelle Frouvelle - Je joue de la harpe avec Gribouille. After all fingers in both left and right hands are placed on strings, I use these books: 1. "Lever up! Thumbs up!" - Beginning harp for adults by Kathy Bundock Moore. (exercices for harp technique) and Gabriella Bosio - I play the harp/Study guide for teachers and parents. (music pieces)For intermediate level students: 1.Dominig Bouchaud - Panorama de la harpe celtique (music pieces), Maria Grossi - Esercizi tecnici per i primi corsi di arpa (exercices for harp technique)

I can teach you styles such as: classical, gospel, jewish praise and worship and commercial. I mostly encourage my students to use these books for beginning and then later we can choose the music pieces my students would love to play. I can send them also other materials and books to play.



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