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Dear All! Are you passionate about music? Are you a professional or someone who enjoys music a lot but has never dared to try to engage in it?  “Ana Strugar, singer, orchestral composer, pianist and an active teacher has performed on stages around the world including Serbia, Montenegro, South Africa and Mozambique.  Ana has a masters degree in “Music Pedagogy” from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Serbia. After her graduation she started taking private lessons in jazz singing. Shortly after, she traveled to Cape Town, South Africa, to continue her studies at the UCT College of Music (University of Cape Town).  There, her career was growing from day to day.  She was asked by her colleague to teach one of his compositions to an orchestra and conduct it at the concert. Thereafter, she started writing for the orchestra herself. She composed and performed her orchestral compositions with the “Goema Orchestra of Cape Town” for three consecutive seasons.”

During the six and a half years that she had been living in Cape Town, South Africa, Ana had many wonderful musical experiences. She had a great privilege and honor to be involved in jazz singing performances at the annual jazz festivals at the college. Ana composed many orchestral compositions and taught at three different schools: “The Rainbow Academy”, “Woodstock Academy of Music” and “Llandudno Primary School".  At  "Llandudno Primary School" she was the head of the music department teaching singing and piano lessons, devising a curriculum for class music lessons, conducting the school band, junior choir and senior choir, as well as preparing the students for competitions and regular performances during the year. Ana was surrounded by love and great professionals from whom she learned with passion.

After she came back to Serbia she started an orchestral workshop for primary school children which gives an opportunity for every child to start learning how to play an instrument within a group right from the very beginning.

Ana`s teaching experience ranges from 2-year olds and school children, to preparing students for the entrance exam for music academy, as well as teaching grown-up beginners with a great passion for music.

She is very passionate about teaching and would love to help you with what ever question or desire you might have related to music.

There is no rule on HOW to understand music better, or a reason why not be a part of it from a perspective of the performer and not a listener only.

There is a way, though, for everybody to make music a part of their lives and there are million ways to approach the understanding of it. I can help you find your way to it!!

Solfeggio/aural/ear training is a very interesting field, even many might find it hard, or unnecessary, or even boring.

It is there to help you understand music better. With good solfeggio skills you will be able to transcribe your favorite melody, or any instrumental solo without an instrument. As a matter of fact, it gives you the tools with which you can later CREATE MUSIC WITHIN YOUR HEAD, as all brilliant composers do. AT FIRST, MUSIC COMES TO LIFE WITHIN US, AND THEN IT COMES OUT THROUGH AN INSTRUMENT.

I offer Music Theory and Solfeggio/Aural/Ear Training lessons to primary and high-school students and those preparing to enroll at the music faculty, or making their own way through a magical world of musical ideas.  We can definitely prepare for the entrance exam together!

I also offer Vocal Improvisation lessons, Piano for beginners and consultations in other fields of music that you might need help with. Please, don`t hesitate to ask!

In our first, free 15 min introduction to our lesson we will talk about what it is that you would like to work on. I will try to get to know you a bit in order to prepare for our lessons as well as possible.

I`m looking forward to our lessons! Please, feel free to ask me any question.

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