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Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar Set Up, Lead Guitar, Metal Guitar, Rock Guitar

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Hey, I'm Andy David and I've been playing guitar for just over 20 years and teaching for 7. I studied guitar/music in London at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance where I gained a degree in music, and a diploma in guitar studying, Theory, Harmony, Improvisation, Recording using Logic Pro X, Technique, Rhythm,  Lead playing, Heavy Metal, Pop, Funk, Blues, Rock. 

I teach privately, and also work as a guitar tutor for a high school in London, where I teach complete beginners to advanced players. 


The way I like to teach is by assessing each students level, and challenging them with new materials and techniques week by week. All the lessons I teach are different, or taught differently. The reason for this is because each lesson is tailored specifically for the student so he/she can practice in a way that will benefit them the most. One of the most important parts of teaching students is to clarify what styles of music/artists do they listen to the most. This way I can lesson plan keeping each students interest at heart. 

Whether you're interested in picking up the guitar for the first time, learning theory, or just want to take your playing to the next level and need to break out of the box, I will tailor my lessons to fit your goals. 

BA - Creative Musicianship (University of East London)
Diploma in Guitar - Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (London)
Grade 8 Guitar - Rockscool

When starting lessons I have to assess where the students playing currently is, and work from there. Once I have an understanding of where the student is at, I create lessons around technique, providing students with certain materials that will help them practice during the week. 

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