Antonio Gervasoni

Classical Composition, Classical Orchestration, Composition, Orchestration, Orchestral Arranging, Film & TV Scoring, Score Preparation
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I'm a composer with more than 20 years of experience. I studied music composition at the National University of Music of Peru and hold a Master's degree from the University of Birmingham. I'm a professor of composition and orchestration, and have worked at three Peruvian universities. My concert music has been performed in Brasil, Chile, Finland, Germany, Peru, Portugal, Spain and the United States, and is part of the catalog of US-based publishing company Cayambis Music Press. I've also written the soundtracks of eight Peruvian full feature films and received awards for some of my works, such as the Newly Published Music Competition organized by the National Flute Association of the United States.

I teach composition in the standard way, by giving students composition assignments and then providing appropriate feedback and suggesting courses of action to improve the quality of their work. Students must have at least basic knowledge of music theory subjects and the rest can be covered within the lessons. There is very little theory, which is covered pretty fast.  After that, lessons are focused on commenting musical examples and providing feedback to the student's work. I don't impose any particular musical style on my students, but I do ask them for originality and to pay attention to details.

If the student is an absolute beginner, I start by covering all the information about the instruments of the orchestra, from the very basic—like their range and playing techniques—to the more detailed—like special limitations and tricks. Along with this, the student is given progressive assignments that go from scoring for string instruments only to the full modern orchestra. As with the composition lessons, students must have at least basic knowledge of music theory subjects.

Film Scoring
I have taught film music for many years and some of my students have already received awards for their work. Lessons begin by covering some basic topics, such as narrative musical functions and uses of musical language in film music. Students are given assignments in the form of short videos for which they must write the music, following specific instructions. We also cover other related topics such as the film composition process and legal aspects.

Music Notation (Sibelius, Dorico, MuseScore and Lilypond)
I also have a lot of experience using music notation software. I was a Sibelius user for more than 20 years (since its first version for Windows) and in the last few years I switched to Dorico. I'm also very good at using MuseScore and can handle Lilypond at an intermediate level. If you need help learning how to use any of these programs, I can walk you through in a few sessions. I can also help you if you have problems with one of them or if you have difficulty entering a specific type of notation.

Master of Arts from the University of Birmingham. Fellowship in Music Composition from the London College of Music. Professor of composition, orchestration and film scoring at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas–UPC. Professor of composition and orchestration at the National University of Music of Peru. Professor of film music appreciation at Universidad de Lima. Director of the Music Department at UPC from 2009 to 2013. Published by Cayambis Music Press. Founding member of the Peruvian Composition Circle. First Prize on the Emerging Composers Category at the 2004 Vanguard Premieres Choral Composition Contest. Most Distinguished Musician and a Special Mention at the 2014 IBLA Grand Prize. Honorable Mention at the "3er Festival Brasil de Cinema Internacional" (FBCI) in 2015. Among the winners of the 2018 Newly Published Music Competition organized by the National Flute Association of the United States.

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