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Jazz Guitar, Songwriting, General Mixing and Mastering, Improvisation, Music Theory, Songwriting Harmony

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 Hello everybody! My name is Antonio Socas, I´m a Guitar and Bass player.I am a professional musician, in studio and live. I have more than 15 years of  experience playing and  teaching music. I teach Harmony, Composition, Jazz,  and improvisation .  I love to help my students get as good as possible very fast, showing them how easy it could be if they know what and how to  practice.

I have played and recorded with many bands of different styles like: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Bossa, Reggae, Funk and Latin music among other styles.

I studied classical music  and Classic Guitar,then I went to L'aula (Berklee International Network, Barcelona, Spain) to study Modern music and Jazz.

I´m also a Sound Engineer and music producer.

I really enjoy helping musicians understand how music works!

I work with students of all levels. I like to see them and hear them play so I can understand what he/she needs and then I make a personalized curriculum based on her/his needs.

I like to show the nature of guitar and how music works. Many times I have to teach how to unlearn some bad habits and also I try to focus on the most important things you will need to be a pro; like a very good ear, excellent time feel, harmony knowledge, sight reading etc.

I have done some guides really easy to use that have worked for hundreds of students, I will provide them as needed and will also give you specific home work to help you get the best of you!


Live Groups

Lameda - Socas Trío”                     Jazz                                              Musical Director, Bass
Chuchuguaza Style”                       Reggae/Rock/Pop               Musical Director, Guitar, Composer
“Lupanar Suite”                                    Rock/Blues                              Musical Director, Guitar, Composer
“CGS Jazz Trio”                                    Jazz                                              Musical Director, Guitar
“Mizer”                                                      Christian Pop                         Guitar
“Freegame”                                            Jazz                                               Guitar
“Fabio Adami”                                       Venezuelan Fusion             Musical Director, Guitar/Bass
“Tercer Cielo”                                       Christian Pop                          Guitar
“Seth Condrey”                                    Christian Pop                          Guitar
“La Guarida”                                           Pop                                               Guitar
“Marcia Piña”                                        Bolero Jazz                               Guitar
“Palo Santo”                                           Venezuelan Fusion              Musical Director, Guitar/Bass
“Formatos”                                             Rock/Blues                               Guitar
“Santoral”                                                Venezuelan Fusion              Guitar


Brighter Days” - Ben Barbic                       Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Bass, Recording, Edition, Mixing, Mastering
“For You” - Chuchuguaza Style                   Guitar, Recording, Edition, Mixing, Mastering
“Elkos DC” - Elkos DC                                       Producer, Recording, Edition, Mixing, Mastering
“Live in Boston” - Santiago Bosch               Mixing, Mastering
“Volumen 1” - Lupanar Suite                         Producer, Guitar, Recording, Edition, Mixing, Mastering
“La Puerk Puso” - La Puerk                             Edition, Mixing, Mastering
“Naguaravidad”                                                     Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Recording, Edition, Mixing, Mastering     
“Soñando en Secreto” - Mizer                       Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Recording, Edition, Mixing, Mastering
“Un Nuevo Día” - Chuchuguaza Style       Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Recording, Edition, Mixing, Mastering    
“Psicotropicofonía” - Henry Durán            Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Recording, Edition, Mixing, Mastering
“Transición” - Fausto Castillo                        Recording, Edition, Mixing, Mastering
“Corazón de Madre” - Darisol                       Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Recording, Edition, Mixing, Mastering
“Amor de Feria” - Fabio Adami                     Guitar, Recording, Edition, Mixing, Mastering
“Entre tú y yo” - Jamila                                      Guitar                                             

Teaching Experience

Modern Harmony                                              2013 – Present “CEMM” (Centro de estudios de música moderna)
Jazz Improvisation                                            2013 – Present “CEMM”
Jazz Guitar                                                             2013 – Present “CEMM”
Bass                                                                            2013 – Present “CEMM”
Songwriting                                                           2013 – Present “CEMM”
Jazz                                                                             2010 – Barquisimeto Big Band
Electric guitar                                                       2009 – 2010 “TMPC”
Classic Theory and Harmony                      2007 – 2008 “Conservatorio Vicente Emilio Sojo”
Jazz, Guitar and Bass                                       2002 – Present , Home-based Studio
Harmony, Songwriting                                    2002 – Present , Home-based Studio


Modern Harmony and Jazz                                        L'AULA– Berklee International Network, Barcelona, Spain
Electric Guitar                                                                    L'AULA– Berklee International Network, Barcelona, Spain
Musical Education                                                           UPEL, Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Arranging and Orchestration                                    Cátedra Latinoamericana de Composición, Blas Emilio Atehortúa
Counterpoint, Form and Composition                 Cátedra Latinoamericana de Composición, Blas Emilio Atehortúa
Classic Guitar                                                                      Conservatorio “Vicente Emilio Sojo” Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Jazz History and Harmony                                          Conservatorio “Vicente Emilio Sojo” Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Jazz Guitar                                                                            Fernando Freitez, Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Jazz Guitar                                                                            Martin Taylor
Jazz Guitar                                                                            Andreas Oberg
Jazz Bass                                                                                Janek Gwizdala
Jazz                                                                                            Manuel Merette, Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Sound Engineering                                                          “The Audio Collective Venezuela” , Valencia, Venezuela
Producing, Mixing, Mastering                                   “Produce like a Pro”
Producing, Mixing, Mastering                                   “Dueling Mixing” Joe Gilder, Graham Cochrane
Mixing                                                                                      “Audio School Online”, Ken Lewis
Producing, Mixing, Mastering                                   “Pro Studio Live”
Producing, Mixing, Mastering                                   “Mix Coach”



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