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Hello , I am Audrey from China .  I have been teaching private "Guqin" lessons for 3 years in China . Guqin is the oldest stringed zither with over 3000 years history in China and it produces delicate music from seven strings. My student range in age from 10 to over 65 years old .  I create fun, original and tailor-made lessons for students in different levels and help them to understand this mysterious  instrument by a interesting way. The Guqin is also played as a means to attain calm ,nurture virtue and promote longevity.The subtle tones of the Guqin are realized by sophisticated and elegant methods of fingering. While playing, interaction of the two hands creates a harmonious choreography, a visual pleasure like a ballet of the fingers.

In my class , you can have a new experience to learn this instrument .  from the beginner level to advanced level . I will structure each student's program to your specific needs and talents.

Welcome to see you in my class!

Learning music should be fun and enjoyable , Especially , the music theory should be understood during the daily practice not by cramming.  I believe that no students learn exactly the same way like teachers .  It depends on students' comprehension , but Guqin needs to be played by very special fingering skill . my class will start from very basic fingering skill to complex ones .  Fundamentals do matter when playing Guqin , therefore, correct hand and body postures from beginner level is very important .  I will boost your learning , ,making every hour you spend count for more ,but you still have to practice and learning continually .

I  suggest the lessons are once per week , so I can assess how the student progressed with practice through the week and identify the areas need attention and improve accordingly .

I major in English at Beijing foreign studies university and minor in the Guqin Course during my university period . After I gratuated from university , I open a Guqin studio to teach students Guqin in China . My students are all around the world , I can use English and Chinese to teach this course fluently.

Guqin's tablature is very special due to it is invented and recorded by the ancients thousands years ago . If you skip over to read Guqin's tablature, then I can guarantee that you will feel you know NOTHING about the China's ancient musical language .  On the other hand if you master the tablatures , you will get compliments all day long about how wonderful you can play this instrument- even if you can only play a piece of the music .

In Chinese, there is a saying that captures this spirit well : "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. In my class , i intend to teach you how to fish. you will learn how to learn this instrument .

I will prepare the flashcard , PPT presentation and related materials for my student in the class . 

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