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My name is Ben Sher. I am a  Professor at the Berklee College of Music. I am a jazz guitarist, fluent in numerous styles of jazz  including be-bop, Brazilian, blues, and fusion. I have five recordings  on the BGI Record Label, and have worked as a sideman touring and recording for numerous artists. The critics say: 

 "Ben Sher is a unique jazz guitarist. Fluent in the classic jazz tradition of Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, and George Benson, Ben also draws from the rich Brazilian guitar tradition of Baden Powell ,Raphael Rabello and  Joao Gilberto.   Ben combines standard jazz plectrum technique, with classical fingerstyle, to create a wide range of sounds and textures."
I have  five recordings as a leader on BGI Records:

1.)  Handprints,  is contemporary mainstream jazz  featuring  the great drummer  from the Herbie Hancock and the Headhunter’s group Mike Clark,  pianist Bruce Barth , and Dennis Irwin. 

2.) TudoBem’ and “Please Take me to Brasil’ are Brazilian jazz featuring Ben’s group TudoBem and special guest Fred Hersch (on TudoBem)  and Kenny Barron    (on “Pleas Take Me…”).

4.)  Tempestade is a contemporary jazz/samba recording featuring Donny McCaslin,  Helio Alves and a host of other Brazilian and American Jazz Stars.

5.) Retrolution #9 is a ROCK/JAZZ collaboration with LA shredder Rowan Robertson.   Go to to hear excerpts from these recordings.

In addition, I've recorded and toured  with the group “Ballin-the Jack” a  ‘downtown’ jazz group   which bases  it’s repetoire in the music of early Duke Ellington. We recorded recorded two cds with this group,  “Jungle’, and “The Big Head”, both on Knitting Factory Records.  (visit to find out more) The group has performed at the North Sea ,Marsala, and most recently  the Berlin Jazz Festival. I've toured Asia and Europe with several commercial projects including productions of the Who's "Tommy" and a special presentation of contemporary rock songs commissioned by the great cabaret star Ute Lemper.  I have  a new project the World Jazz Guitar  Duo with Irish guitarist Frank Kilkelly. This duo explores a range of influences from  gypsy jazz, Brazilian choro,  to traditional Irish ! 



I have put together several courses of study that address different interest and ability levels:  

Fretboard Harmony - Works on an understanding of the basic principles of harmony and how they unfold on the guitar. This course is great for taking rock guitarists out of the "box," so to speak, that most beginning rock players find themselves limited by. 

Reading Lab - Reading on the guitar is one of the most neglected areas in guitar education. This course is fun, allows players to quickly learn songs which they can "jam" on, and quickly gets guitarists used to the idea of following a chart. 

Jazzlines for Guitar - This course is ideal for guitarists who have just gotten an interest in the sound of modes and are craving more ideas and information on expanding beyond rock styles. Stylistically everything  from Jeff Beck to Grant Green is included. 

Jazz Piano - This is an ideal course for pianists who have been playing from music but would like to play music without having to have every note in front of them written out. 

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