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Doumbek, Drums

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I am a working musician with a jazz base that strives to operate in all styles professionally. I attended Temple University's Jazz program and studied with world rebound teachers such as Dick Oatts, Terell Stafford and Byron Landham. I play regularly around the area in jazz clubs as well as in local churches. I am also involved in the cruise industry as a showband drummer which is a demanding position that requires great reading skills and knowledge of many styles. I also run a recording studio out of my house and provide parts ofr a variety of different projects. I have taught private lessons for many years as well as music at the perlman Jewish Day School and at the School of Rock in Philadelphia. 

On the Percussion side I have Knowledge of Djembe Tabla and Darbouka, with Darbouka being my specialty. What a fun instrument! I have played Many Greek weddings and back up many belly dancers with drum shows. I can't wait to share that tradition with you. 

I am all about feel. As drummers It is our job to provide that great grooving foundation for the band, in whatever context we find ourselves in, I am here to work with you and your goals through that lense. We will pick short, mid and long term musical goals that match your interests and design a game plan for you to reach them. This goes for absolute beginners to more advanced students. 

For beginners, we will identify two albums that you are interested in and pick out a list of musical elements that inspire you, these can include the groove, songwriting or even the chops! We will then use this to study basic drum Skills such as Technique, Coordination and a sense of timing and groove.

For Intermediate Students we will continue to work on these basics, however we will be shifting the focus more towards feel and less from basics. Assignments will include recording  yourself playing along to songs and discussing how to create musical parts. We will begin analyzing an array of drummers and how their choices effect the music and what you can take away from them. Technical studies will begin to become more focused towards the musical assignments that you pick. If something sounds bad we'll figure it out!

For advanced students, this process will continue but I want to get into the emotional reasons why you are playing what you are playing. We will discuss the effects that different material has on the listener and how to use this knowledge to your advantage in various situations. What makes a listener want to dance? What makes them Excited? Sad? Etc. We need to start to think about why we are doing what we are doing rather than just going through the motions. We will also talk about networking and gaining professional experience and how to provide what is required in many musical situations. Assignments will be similar to the intermediate level but we will be going into more depth behind your musical choices, and the influences that should be inspiring them. 

 George Lawrence Stone: Stick Control

Ted Reed: Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer

C.S. Wilcoxon: Modern Rudimental Swing Solos

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