Benjamin Young

Bass Guitar, Audition Prep from Berklee Alumni, Upright Bass


Benjamin is a musician in New York City. He has been studying music since the age of 3. His background includes Violin, Cello, Percussion, Drum Set, Voice, Electric Bass, and Upright Bass. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music where he majored in Upright Bass Performance. He has studied with Dave Zinno, John Lockwood, Hal Crook, Bruce Gertz, and Susan Hagen. He has performed with John Oates, New York Voices, Kevin Mahogany, Kurt Elling, Becca Stevens, Mario Jose, and many others.. 

Benjamin is mainly a jazz/contemporary musician, focusing on bebop through modern jazz, top 40, rock, pop, RnB, and many other styles. He is also trained in classical music.

Benjamin has been teaching privately for 6 years. He has a comprehensive approach that brings in technical study to any style of music.


Each lesson will be geared towards the student's needs and interests. Benjamin is focused of using real musical examples to convey concepts and techniques. 

Benjamin has a very relaxed but firm teaching style. Every lesson is geared towards the interests of the students. Lessons are structured with 40% technique and fundamentals and then 60% musical application using interests of each individual student. If a student is interested in Blue Note jazz then we might look at how to play a certain scale on a certain song. If a student is interested in R&B we might look at a Motown song in the key of the scale that we worked on that week. Benjamin wants every lesson to be fun and educational.

Benjamin's goal is to make each student a proficient musician that can function in any musical setting. He will talk about the deeper concepts of bass line construction, improvisation, and composition to allow students to become their own teacher and develop in a band setting and as a soloist.

BM - Bass Performance - Berklee College of Music
Performances with New York Voices, Kevin Mahogany, Kurt Elling, John Oates

Moniker Guitars Endorsed Artist

Benjamin has developed his own curriculum using pieces from standard method books like Simandl and Nanny and supplementing with his own materials. His primary focus is that every student has an understanding of the fingerboard (scales, arpeggios), and has a feel for the music. Through way of etudes, different song selections, transcribing, listening, and other various avenues, each student will gain this knowledge.

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