Billy Amezquita

Bass Guitar, Ear Training, Jazz Arranging, Jazz Composition, Jazz Improvisation, Music Theory, Sight Reading
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Musician, bassplayer and educator with two decades experience in different facets of the music industry like: session and touring musician, (as a leader and as a side man in a variety of formats - solo player, duets, small and large ensembles). Different recording situations. In the teaching field i have been fortunate  to teach at several  universities and i teach online private instruction since 2009. I currently collaborate at The Contemporary Music School as a bass professor and  i also teach theory and improvisation classes.

3 time winner of the grant from the Fund for Culture and the Arts of the State of Mexico (FOCAEM) as a solo player.

The lessons

In the first lesson we discuss what's your goal, what’s the big picture for you and with that clarified, we build together the best practice system for you, we can approach it hobby oriented, or as intensive bass program,  or something in between, the main thing is that you get the perfect syllabus according to your needs.

Some sample topics:


Right hand permutations, Left hand permutations, Slap, Thumb (double thumb), Pluck (double pluck), Strumming, Damping, Hammer on, Barring, Trill, Vibrato, Flam. Harmonics (natural / artificial) Ghost notes, Dead notes, Muting, Slides, Bending, Shifting Tapping (rhythmic / harmonic / melodic), Ramp technique.

 Applied Harmony 

Intervals, Scales, Triads, Arpeggios, Major Scales, Minor Scales, Modes (Major / Minor), Pentatonics, Hexatonics, Symmetric scales, Chords, Harmonization, Progressions, Concepts in context, Etc…

Sight Reading 

Reading fundamentals, Rhythms: simple notes, simple notes and rests, combining eights and sixteenths, combining eights and sixteenths with rests, the dot, the tie, the triplet. Melody: the staff, the bass clef, pitch, intervals, accidentals, ledger lines, the fret board, measures and barlines, time signatures, counting and feeling the time, etc...


This topic is created according to your preferences, some sample generes are: Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Funk, Blues, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Country, Latin, Etc...


Other possible topics are:

1.- Jazz Improvisation

2.- Jazz Harmony

3.- Jazz Composition / Arranging

4.- Music Theory

6.- Ear Training

6.- Sight Reading (SOLFEGE)


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