Blake Nix

Baritone Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Rock Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Improvisation, Music Theory, Songwriting
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Blake Nix is a Huntsville, AL-based singer/songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and instructor. He has performed around the country as a solo artist and with bands such as New York City-based Sticky Fingers and Nashville-based Hell's/Bells, among others.  Blake released his album, 'Mr. Adams' Blues', independently in 2008.

As an instructor: 

Blake is based in Huntsville, AL with over 35 years of performing experience and nearly 30 years of teaching experience with both private and group lessons.  Most of his family taught or coached school, music, or athletics (or all three) so practice, rehearsals, and performances were a part of life.   He grew up listening to his mother’s piano students; as many as 60 a week came in and out of the living room piano studio.   He has studied classical guitar performance with Margarita De Quesada and musical theater with Bill Provin at Calhoun Community College in North Alabama and voice performance with Charlotte Regni at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. 


Blake began teaching guitar professionally in 1990, beginning with groups of children at a local Huntsville church.  Around this time he began playing rock n roll bass in local bars and dabbled in musical theater.    By 1995 he was teaching as many as 50 students a week at a music store in nearby Madison Alabama.  When that store closed he co-founded Colors Fine Arts Center right down the road but a few years later he got the traveling music bug and in 2000 left Colors for a rock n roll band that a high school friend was running.  For the next 20 years, he taught 30-40 students a week at the Fret Shop in Huntsville, Alabama, and played on and off with several bands that traveled the country, going to Central America with one.  In 2006 he began work on his album 'Mr. Adams' Blues'  He finished that album and released it independently in 2008.   His solo work continues to this day. 

It is the variety of local jams and productions to the performances on bigger stages around the country as well as the satisfaction that comes from creating his own music that helps continue to fuel the inspiration to teach.  Sharing the joy of music and the experiences it can bring are very important to him.

Blake currently offers lessons on guitar, bass, and ukulele (baritone and tenor/soprano/concert), and offers tips for improvising and composing on these and other instruments. He can also help his students make the most of online resources and other technology and utilizes several online resources of his own to help with weekly lessons. 

Blake has experience with many styles and different repertoires, such as rock, folk, country, jazz, classical, and others and has performed in ensembles ranging from informal picking circles, to church and school groups, to rock and roll bands on the local, regional, national and international level since 1985. 

Songwriting and improvising can be an important part of the process or an end in itself, so Blake offers classes in composition and assistance with recording.  He also encourages and teaches the use of the Nashville Number System to help understand how music theory can work practically for a music student or performing/songwriting professional.  

Whether the goal is to play with family and friends, become a regular at local venues, or to hit the big stage and recording studio Blake emphasizes consistent daily and weekly practice, clear but flexible goals, and documented accountability on the part of both the teacher and student via the practice log and practice journal.  In addition to his online coaching, he stresses the need to regularly watch and listen to the music the student is trying to learn.   

Music Masters, Huntsville AL (instructor) 1995-1997
Colors Fine Arts Center Madison, AL (instructor and cofounder) 1998-2000
Fret Shop, Huntsville AL (instructor) 2000-2019
Guitar Center Huntsville AL (instructor) 2019-present

The teaching method can vary with the student's goals and skill set, but the books frequently used include:

The Nashville Number System by Chas Williams

Song Charting Made Easy: A Play-Along Guide to the Nashville Number System by Jim Riley

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