Brandon Yenzer

Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba

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My name is Brandon Yenzer, and I have been teaching brass lessons since 2012. I did my undergraduate degree at Missouri State University in Music Education, and I moved to Texas in 2015 to pursue a Master of Music in Trombone Performance from the University of North Texas, which I completed in 2018. I opened a lessons studio in the DFW area and maintain a large studio to this day. I have experience teaching students of all ages, from beginners literally on their first day of playing to retired adults who picked up their instrument again after thirty years of not playing. I love making connections with people and helping them to best achieve their goals in music.


I have a wide variety of performing experience: solo, chamber, orchestral, jazz, musicals, baroque and renaissance. I specialize in selecting material specific to what students require at their ability level. 


Lessons will follow a consistent format: introduction/check-in (2-3 minutes), performance by student of assigned materials(3-5 minutes), feedback/discussion/demonstration(15-20 minutes), and closure/assignment of new materials(<5minutes).   Students will be expected to practice consistently outside of lessons for the most growth possible. 

Materials will be decided based on student level. Consistent practice on the materials assigned will guarantee growth. I have an extensive etude and solo library that can fit most every level of student. 


At every level: scales, lip slurs, articulations, and long tones are fundamental to maintaining and developing the muscles and coordination necessary to play a brass instrument. I will adjust the amount of each needed based on the individual student's needs and goals. 


Beginners: a beginning band method book, such as Essential Elements. If you do not have one, I can suggest one to purchase. 


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