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Teacher of the Year 2021 in Ukulele, Singing, Voice, Singing for Actors 

Singing Teacher of the Year 2020 // Teacher of the Year 2019 // Singing Teacher of the Year 2018

As an experienced singer and teacher, Chantal is passionate about teaching others to discover and develop their singing voices. She believes that with dedication and hard-work, everyone has the capacity to sing.

My name is Chantal and I am a very passionate about sharing my music knowledge and expertise with students of all ages and skill levels.

I have been teaching music for the past 10 years. And online since 2015. I have taught students from all over the world, from gigging musicians in Nashville and Austin to actors in Los Angeles, to award winning youngsters in Hong Kong. I love helping my students reach their musical and vocal goals.

I have a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice from the University of Manitoba. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Music in Vocal Pedagogy in Contemporary Commercial Voice at the University of Shenandoah.

Aside from my many years of experience teaching, I have also performed and recorded internationally.  I completed a radio tour across the American Mid-West and was fortunate enough to work with music producer, Kent Wells (Dolly Parton), in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, where I recorded two country-music EPs and one full-length album.

I have performed with the Manitoba Opera and the Manitoba Underground Opera in Winnipeg, MB.

I spent 7 years living and working in Cambodia, where I developed and implemented a primary music program. While living in Cambodia, I continued to perform in a folk/pop acoustic duo throughout South East Asia.

My main expertise is teaching voice/singing, however, I also teach piano, guitar, ukulele, recorder and music theory. I am passionate about inspiring people of all ages to find their own love for music and benefit from an education in music.

If you are looking for lessons that are fun, motivating and informative than my lessons are for you!



Chantal is passionate about music education and feels it is important to inspire and educate people of all ages.  Lessons with Chantal are enjoyable and promote discipline and positive learning tools, which are all vital to learning music. 

Chantal was honored to receive the Overall Teacher of the Year commendation for the 2019 year. Read more here:

Foundations of Singing
on March 8, 2021

Great class focusing on singing foundations.

Foundations of Singing
on March 29, 2021

Great class as always, Chantal talks a little about the mechanics and other foundational topics for singing. Her tips have been really helpful.

Foundations of Singing
on April 5, 2021

Useful class on how to schedule and structure practice sessions.

Foundations of Singing
on July 26, 2021

very the point a well used 30 minutes

Foundations of Singing
Amiee T.
on January 10, 2022

My very first singing class was awesome! Thank you!

National Association of Teachers of Singing Member - Bachelor of Music (Vocal Major) - Somatic Voicework Level 1 with Jeannie LoVetri - Currently pursuing Masters of Music in Pedagogy Contemporary Commercial Music (Voice)

Warming Up

Just like stretching before a workout, warming up is crucial to vocal health. 
Students will learn proper practicing habits as well as exercises to help strengthen and prepare the voice for a practice session, lesson or performance.


Students will learn a variety of exercises and etudes designed to strengthen different aspects of their voice.  These aspects include range, dynamics, intonation, pronunciation, stamina and vocal flexibility.

Music Theory

Instruction and assignments will be given to students to expand and deepen their knowledge of the musical language. 


Listening to professional musicians of various genres helps students develop their ear and gives them healthy examples to model their own musicianship after.
Chantal will provide students with weekly listening activities, each focused on different skills and aspects of music.


Students will learn pieces that are appropriate for the individual level and skills they are currently working on.

**Students should expect to practice at least 3 times per week to see steady progress.**.

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