Charles Watson

Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Cello, Classical Composition, Classical Guitar, Composition, Conducting, Conga, Country Voice, Drums, Electric Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Freestyle Rap, Hand Drums, Improvisation, Jazz Guitar, Keyboard, Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Metal Guitar, Metal Voice, Music Theory, Musical Theatre, New Age Piano, Orchestration, Percussion, Piano, Piano Composition, Pop Piano, Pop Voice, Posture and Movement Coaching, Public Speaking, Rock Guitar, Rock Piano, Rock Voice, Singing, Songwriting, Students with Special Learning Needs, Voice


Charles Watson is an American born a composer and international recording artist.  Charles Watson has been performing guitar and music since the age of eight and has continued to perform at various functions such as fall rock concerts restaurants weddings events and local functions.

As teacher Charles Watson has over 25 years experience in teaching music and inspiring kids to continue with their education and performance of music.

Charles teaches multiple instruments such as drums bass piano vocals and also specializes in songwriting and composition for multiple genres of music.

Charles Watson also specializes in classical guitar and hybrids between classical compositions and modern music.

His lessons incorporate music theory in a easy understandable way to open up a whole new world of music to students and by understanding their instrument and others they will have a well rounded education and how to approach songwriting and forming a band.



Over 25 years as a private music teacher with my own business

Over 15 years teaching for Arizona Music Academy located in Chandler Arizona

I have taught at high schools and junior high's with big group classes up to 30 kids also I have created competitions that high schools have played for their guitar concerts.

I am a professional performer, recording artist and teacher.

I have held multiple recitals were a form bands and they perform as well as individual acts to perform in professional atmospheres in the valley and abroad.

my teaching style is high energy fun and informative and most importantly inspiring.

I have studied at mesa community college for many years and then continue my musical education career at Arizona State University. I’m still continuing my degree and a Masters in music performance composition and education. I have taken every class there is for music and continue to search for new ways to teach and improve learning for my students. I also have multiple recordings out on the market including an album out with universal records.

I  use a range of books from, everybody's guitar method to MLB is guitar method as well as my own guitar method books

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