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Chelsea Young, native of Mississippi  earned a B.S. Degree in Entertainment Industry Studies and master's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entertainment Industry Studies  from DSU MS University.  Young, has worked to advance the importance of Arts Education. Over the past eight years she has worked with different arts organizations and Grammy Museum Mississippi in the Mississippi Delta region, striving to connect with and empower the students of those organizations through the arts.  With instructing lessons from violin, ukulele, songwriting to music production and even private lessons, Young’s greatest inspiration is sharing her craft with students who share the same interests and even introducing the passion to students who have no experience with the arts.

Young has had the fortunate opportunity to pilot her first violin program through a Delta organization, where she built partnerships with other arts organizations throughout the Mississippi Delta region. Her inspiration for the violin started when she was a younger elementary student of the Mississippi Public School District. Young strived to introduce another culture of music to students in the Delta region and to provide them with a dynamic learning experience that will instill an appreciation for the arts.


My goal is to  provide lessons for my students who may have twin problems of student disengagement and low academic achievement by creating personalized, project-based learning environment where all students are challenged to achieve high expectations through the arts of music. I like to interact with my students by allowing him or her to build confidence through our music sessions. Engaging students of all learning styles, backgrounds, and ability levels is my major concern, starting students with the basics are very important. My students are introduced to beginner theory and depending on the instrument the Nashville Number system. I incorporate all genres within my lessons but I also embrace my students individual preferred genres of music as the subject of study. My songwriting and music production lessons are based on students level of writing and ability to operate GarargeBand and Logic Pro X software. I teach my students to write whats within and listen for their melody through his or her lyric.




B.S. Degree in Entertainment Industry Studies (2016)
Master's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entertainment Industry Studies (2020)

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Logic Pro X 2020



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