Christian Buchhaas

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Improvisation, Lead Guitar, Metal Guitar, Music Theory, Rock Guitar, Songwriting

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Hello, friends  :)  I am a 46 years old professional guitar player. I was born and live in São Paulo - Brazil. I work as a music teacher for two decades giving classes for students of different ages, music styles and goals.

Lover of dreams, Neil Gaiman stories and many music styles (From Pop, Rock, Folk, Metal to Brazilian music and Flamenco - all music is good and gives you something different to learn ). I like to research artists and music from many places in the world. Oh, at last but not least:  I've got a band (Morpheus' Dreams).

Every time I start a class with a new student I ask three questions (and all the answers are right):
1 - Have you ever played an instrument and (if yes) for how long?
2 - What's your goals and wishes with music? To play with friends, improve your playing abilities, to be on a band or being a pro?
3 - What kind of music is your favorite?

These answers show me exactly where I can start, how much is needed to practice, the path we will follow and all using the music you love. For me every student is unique because her/his dreams are unique. 

I've recorded with (on my band CD):
. Alírio Netto (Queen Extravaganza/Shaman);
. Bruno Ladislau (Bassist from André Matos);
. Marcell Cardoso (Drummer from Rafael Bittencourt (Angra));
. Ricardo Vignini (Countryside viola on Moda de Rock);
. Made a version of the song "Sob o Sol", from the Grammy nominee Marcus Viana (with authorization).

The venues I've played were with the schools I've teached and a few times with my band. So far I haven't participated on competitions.

I play since 1993 and give classes since 2000. My fields as a teacher goes from acoustic/electric guitar to music theory.

I'm also songwriter, lyricist, and co-produced my band's first album (Morpheus' Dreams - What Dreams May Come? ), in which I've recorded some songs with the singer Alírio Netto (current singer of Queen Extravaganza - a Queen tribute produced by Brian May and Roger Taylor).

. BA in Composition - FAAM University (SP -Brazil - 1999 to 2003); 
. Souza Lima Music Conservatory (SP - Brazil - 1996 to 2001); 
. Guitar Classes with Kiko Loureiro (Angra/Megadeth guitar player - 1999 to 2001); 
. Guitar Classes with Ricardo Vignini (Moda de Rock - 1993 to 1995).

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