Christopher Andreev

Programming, Python, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II (Advanced Algebra), Algebra I, Physics, Coding, AutoHotKeyScript, Bash, Batch, Firewall/Security, GIMP, HTML/XML, JavaScript, Linux, Lua, Microsoft Office, R Programming, Roblox Studio, SQL, Virus/Malware/Security, VPN/Security, Windows, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

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Hey there! My name is Christoph,

How we will meet online:

Hand written sessions are provided over online means making it easy for students to follow along visually as if an instructor was there with them writing notes live! Outside communication and support through email and preparation for sessions will help optimize our time together and let me prepare for each students session with focus accuracy on subjects the student really wants to focus on.


Subjects: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Computer Programming, Computer Science, and applied development



Experience in Valencia College and University of Central Florida Student Assistance and Instructor Background check

my Resume and full details of my work history feel comfortable checking
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For reviews and subjects supported head to the link below for my online instructor profile and reviews! Please also use TakeLessons to schedule with me, I will not reply to emails due to spam!

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Find me on any search engine by entering "christoph chrismia" (should be first result for Excel High School and Takelessons, as well as my Youtube for free programming lessons)

My teaching methodologies include plenty of visual aids, simile's, and clear communication with a strong emphasis on Socratic questioning to stimulate critical thought in helping to understand and take control of the information to be learned. I also take time to identify the student's learning traits such as Visual, Auditory or kinesthetic. All that being said a calm and attentive instructor that cares for the success of his students.

Sessions include visual and auditory components to learning and for students who need kinesthetic interaction to fulfill their learning process assignments can be assigned or custom problems can be created to be solved with an overview process of what is understood and what needs to be better diagnosed.

2010-2018 @ Valencia College 2016-2018 @ University of Central Florida 2010-2022 @ TakeLessons

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