Christopher Andreev

Programming, Python, Algebra I, Algebra II (Advanced Algebra), AutoHotKeyScript, Bash, Batch, Blender, C#, C++, Coding, CSS, Discord, Firewall/Security, Geometry, GIMP, Github, HTML/XML, InkScape, Java, JavaScript, Lightworks, Linux, Lua, Microsoft Office, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Physics, PowerShell, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus, R Programming, Roblox Studio, SQL, Statistics, Trigonometry, Unix, Virus/Malware/Security, VPN/Security, Windows, XAMPP

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Hi there! My name is Christoph,  I have been a teacher and teacher assistant for over 12 years now, 8 of those in Valencia College and UCF, the other 4 as a private one to one teacher all over the internet! My focus is on the logical side with a hint of creativity, from Algebra to Programming you would be surprised where creativity helps us solve a puzzle. What else would Algebra and Code be other than just a puzzle that is difficult until the "Aha!" Moment of realization, from then on, it's not a puzzle anymore, just something to finish :)

Here are my Subjects:

Math - Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Pre-Calc, Trig, Geo, Statistics, and every math in between

Code - JavaScript, PHP, Python, Lua (Roblox), C/CPP,  Java, HTML/CSS, MySQL, AutHotKey Scripts

I've realized over my 12 years of teaching that the interaction between student and teacher is very fragile, on attention, understanding, translating teacher words to student words, and many other speed bumps that most teacher don't realize stop them from effectively "uploading" the lesson to the student.
Thus with time i've grown to adjust myself to each student individually; from Visual, Auditory, and Kinestetic (hardest to do online but possible!)
On the other hand my personal teaching mechanics involve Socratic Questioning to prompt the student to troubleshoot think the problem and present solutions with their current understanding.

2010-2018 @ Valencia College
2016-2018 @ University of Central Florida
2010-2022 @ TakeLessons

Nowadays most of what you want to learn is available online. As a teacher i seek all references possible, and as free as possible, so many of the resources i provide are accessible online, and especially for mathematics, the open book project is an amazing textbook set for learning just about any k-12 and beyond subject!

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