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My name is Colin Shultzaberger.  I am classically trained multi-instrumentalist from Frederick, MD.  I hold my undergraduate degree from Frostburg State University where I studied Music-Education.  Since graduation, I found work substitute teaching, teaching private lessons, and tutoring.  In this time, I found another passion: to work one-on-one with students with special needs.  I found that music was my greatest tool to progress in this very experimental form of education.  I began incorporating music in my lesson plans and provided a mental respite to my students in the course of their school day or session.  Though my research in this field does not determine whether or not music has healing properties, it did prove that music is a language that is easily reciprocated by all people from all walks of life.  I began changing lesson plans in my private lessons to accommodate the needs of my music students.  My teaching style seemed to have changed over night and my passion for teaching music blossomed.

 Currently, I spend time at home with my partner and my child.  I own a private studio and work space where I do most of my musical work.  My career now is focused mainly on writing and producing music, playing as a session musician, and recording in session.  As for teaching; I have designed a private studio that uses various types of state-of-the-art music equipment and technology to provide students with a similar experience as a working musician.  

 I currently play and tour with 4 ensembles.  I have played with dozens of groups in my career and have been fortunate enough to travel the country several times with bands and continue to tour on peak seasons.  I have also shared the stage with incredible national acts including: Real Estate, J-roddy walston and the Business, 3rd Eye Blind, Man-Man, Evert and Two Dragons, David Mayfield, Freek Bass, Flo-Bots and Astronautilus. I continue to spend time in-studio and have recorded in critically acclaimed studios.  I can be found on 10 completed albums and have music available on Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora.  

  My performance background offers support to my private lessons and vice versa.  I believe that a good performer is a good teacher and I strive to be both.  My methods are fresh and I incorporate a teaching style that blends Suzuki and Kadaly method, with western classical training, and informal ensemble instruction.  I know all students WILL succeed on ANY instrument that I teach them.  Music is my deepest passion, and I hope that I can pass on that passion to my students.1

As mentioned, I mix various styles of instruction in my private lessons.  Many teachers believe that music is best taught with basics in reading and hearing music simultaneously.  This theory has been proven effective but has also hindered students ability to rely on one element over another.  I strongly believe that proper ear training and aural ability are the most important means of musical success.  I begin each lesson with an ear training exercise or warm up.  This allows students to hear what they see even before it is played.  An example of this method would involve a student singing the pitches or rhythms on their instrument and then attempting to recreate the "ideas" on their heads. I teach the importance of theory and application of the instrument to give the student the agency to perform naturally and improvisatorily.  This not only makes them proficient in their instrument but makes their instrument and extension of themselves.

Some of my students are in band classes in public or private schools, where others come from other walks of life and my be starting their own music career after their general education.  If I have a student that attends school, I try to work within the schools curriculum.  As a public school teacher, I've been able to gain understanding in public school curriculum as well as private school curriculum, etc.  I try to teach through a spiral curriculum, beginning with basic technique and progressing into workbook studies and method books.  Spiral curriculum is what it sounds like: learning a method and reimplementing the method periodically over a span of time, much like the shape of a spiral or spring.  I teach many different instruments, so I suggest many different books depending on skill level and interest.  My adult students have used the same method books as my elementary students and have benefited greatly.  But, as a counter, I have taught advanced methods to young children and adults alike,  Curriculum differs from student to student and method books are assigned usually at the second lesson.  For more questions about curriculum or my choice in method books, please contact me directly.

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