Cynthia Chou

Classical Piano, Piano, Worship Piano

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from $40.00 / 30 Minutes


Cynthia Chou - born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan - is a pianist, performer, and educator. She began to learn piano at the age of 5, the cello at the age of 10, and started participating in choirs and orchestras in 6th grade. She holds a B.A. in Western Art Music from the University of Santa Barbara, and an M.M. in Music Education from the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University.

Cynthia grew up amongst the vibrant and diverse music scene in Taiwan. Her background in classical music, in addition to her rich experiences teaching music and directing choir, has made her a passionate and committed music professional. As a trained vocalist, dancer, and a visual artist, she has the desire to build a dynamic and diverse musical curriculum for K - 12 students through piano lessons tailored to the needs of each individual. She currently runs her own private piano studio in Evanston, IL and teaches online piano lessons through Zoom.

Cynthia believes that the purpose of music education is to instill a love of music through teaching fundamental skills, making meaningful connections with music, and collaborating with other individuals. She wants to encourage students to use their musicianship as a foundation to further develop their own musical interests. She believes that music should not be limited by tradition, but that students should be empowered to innovate and create. As students grow into musicians, she wants to give them the opportunity to recreate, reimagine, and transform the knowledge they receive into new kinds of music, as well as to grow into global citizens who influence and are influenced by their diverse communities.

My teaching style is uniquely tailored to each student because everyone has a different way of learning and musical growth. I structure my lessons to match my students’ personality, learning style, as well as emphasizing on solid technical foundation. I believe that a fun and educational environment can foster a special relationship between the student and their instrument, thus allowing students to find joy in learning! The most important aspect of a one-on-one lesson is the teacher and student relationship and I believe in encouragement and positivity in my teaching studio.

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