David Greenwood

DAWs, Artist Development, Audio Recording and Music Production, Audition Prep for Actors, College Audition Prep for Actors, General Mixing and Mastering, Metal Voice, Posture and Movement Coaching, Public Speaking, Rock Voice, Scene Study, Screenwriting, Singing, Stage Training, Voice

Lesson Fees
from $20.00 / 30 Minutes


I am a professional digital content producer, artist, and designer working as a professional contract Artist with an AAS in Motion Picture/TV editing from Scottsdale CC & BFA in Art; Independent focus degree in Virtual Worlds Art, Education, Technology from Arizona State University, School of Art, Herberger Institute of design in the arts.

I have been professionally producing digital art, commercial video, compositing, editing, animation, and 3-D design, for 20 years. In addition I have been researching and developing Virtual Worlds Art, Education + Technology for Open Sims, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) since 2011.I would be happy to tell you all about my experience and how I can bring out the creative talent in you. Just send me a message and I’ll get back to you right away.

I mentored countless students at ASU During my time as a media lab specialist for Digital Culture/ Arts, Media + Engineering/ Herberger Institute of Design in the Arts. I also taught kids Animation and Film Production as a tutor for Movies By Kids,inc. I currently teach kids computer programming and game development as a tutor for Coding With Kids and am an instructor at Varsity Tutors where I tutor kids in math, English, writing, art, and history.

I would be happy to tell you all about my experience and how I can bring out and support the creative talent in you. Just send me a message and I’ll get back to you right away.

Throughout my experience teaching 7-13 year olds and Post secondary (College) kids  I have become more and more a proponent of the new school of  education called Self Organized Learning Environments. SOLEs, as they are referred to, flatten the educational hierarchy to where the  "Teacher" is more of a facilitator,  rather than an all knowing exalted one lecturing down to the unenlightened. Instead I become a guide for their own inspired discovery  of their own inner expert and life long lover of learning.

So I aim to first and foremost empower the "Students" to learn HOW they learn and then how best to learn on their own from their own referential methodology (learning how to find answers to their inquiries) and where applicable to teach one another (because nothing helps learning like explaining a new concept to another) with guidance and direct info transfer, when needed, from me.  In other words, I figure out where they are, what mode they best learn in, and what they want to learn to empower them to get there themselves much in the same way one would teach someone How to fish ,  rather than just giving them a fish.  In addition, not to torture a metaphor, I also help them understand WHY one fishes, instead of just relying on the market,  and how to learn on their own other ways to fish.


I begin by assessing how each new "Student" leans in terms of mode of learning (i.e. visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, perceptual, conceptual, etc.) Then I tailor make the curriculum and pedagogy for each individual based upon my initial assessments, their goals, and time and resources available. I believe in utilizing all available resources from all sources world wide, both standard and nonstandard. That may include materials available from the individuals home school district resources, open source resources on the Web, or personal databases and resources acquired through 25 years plus of experience in the secondary and post secondary education environment.

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