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An award-winning educated Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Composer and Music School Teacher with over 15 years in the Music Industry. I hold a Master's degree in Music, and I have performed live at venues ranging from clubs to large festivals, reaching audiences of up to 20,000 people! What distinguishes me from other instructors is my teaching approach; rather than concentrating on particular teachings or methodologies, I leverage my extensive experience to tailor my methods to the unique needs of each student. My methods are a bit different, but that's only because I'm prepared to show you the realistic side of music, not just what you can hear from 100s of sources online.

I started my journey in Music School at an early age which allowed me to try out and learn different instruments like Singing, Guitar, Piano, and Double Bass. I wasn't satisfied with just Classical Music, so as soon as I entered my teenage years I started fronting numerous bands as a Vocalist, and sometimes a Bass player.

I treat my own example - I personally struggled with shaping my voice the way I wanted to and it took me years to finally figure out how to do it. It didn't matter that I completed Music School for Bel Canto singing, watched numerous coaches explaining it, and explored various methodologies like the Zen of Screaming. It certainly DID help, but like my students, I had specific needs that I sadly had to figure out on my own. That's why, no matter how much you're struggling, I am here to help you find your voice, mix, produce and write your songs, understand music theory and vocal harmony, and improve your guitar/bass playing. 



• Recorded and released albums as a solo artist, with bands, or as a guest member

• Wrote the first ever piece/song for a band featuring the Double Bass as a solo instrument ("Opus Dei" as Dave Van Detta)

• Appeared on national television and numerous musical festivals in the region 

• Toured across Europe with numerous projects

• Wrote music score for a movie 

• Recorded orchestral music for a Hollywood blockbuster (HellBoy)

• Performed as a permanent and a guest member in various musical projects as a singer and/or instrumentalist

• Performed in almost every musical genre

• Attended music production masterclasses taught by multi-platinum producers from around the world

• Produced music for a children's TV show, advertisements, etc.



• Bachelor of Music (2019)

• Graduated with the highest grade in double bass

• Represented the academy in numerous projects across Europe

• Highest graded student in the class


In my teaching style, I mix my love for music with my adventures spanning 25 years in the field. Picture a blend of all the genres I've played, the stages I've rocked, and the melodies I've composed, all dancing together in my teaching approach.

From jamming on stages across Europe to recording scores for Hollywood, I infuse my classes with stories from the road and lessons learned in the studio. Whether we're diving into the depths of composition or perfecting instrumental skills, I aim to go beyond just the notes on the page.

I want my students to feel the soul of music, not just play it. It's about more than mastering techniques; it's about understanding the heart behind each tune. My goal? To inspire budding musicians, spark their creativity, and show them that music isn’t just a skill—it's a lifelong love affair waiting to be explored. 

Teaching position at a public school as a Double Bass, Sight Reading and Chamber Music teacher
Bachelor's Degree in Music
Master's Degree in Double Bass
Various Masterclass certificates (Music Production, Orchestra, Double Bass)

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