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Hello, and thanks for visiting my Lessonface page... I'm so excited that you're interested in developing your beatboxing skills! Strange as it sounds, I'm a Harvard educated beatboxer, and I'm on a mission to help the world learn the art form!

I first started as a self-taught beatboxer, which was a struggle. After ten years of classical piano, I knew what made for good practice, but without formal instruction I was spending hours watching Youtube videos and reading online forums. That's when I realized the value of formal instruction, so I began giving workshops, organizing events, and creating learning resources to help share my knowledge and love of beatboxing.

When I arrived at Harvard, where I did my undergrad, I realized that despite the amazing education, something was missing... beatboxing! After receiving a grant from our Office for the Arts to live in "The Beatbox House" with the world's best beatboxers, I was inspired to perform and teach even more. I organized several of Harvard's first ever beatbox events, including a weeklong residency with beatbox superstar Reeps One, and later created an improved notation system with the Harvard Linguistics Department.  Though my passion is education, I think that to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk, which is why I continue to compete in beatboxing events across the US, staying up-to-date with the techniques and style of this ever-changing art form. Aside from private lessons, I also teach classes and workshops at K-12 schools in the greater Boston area and beyond. I look forward to meeting you!


Winner: 2015 Boston Urban Elixir Beatbox Battle
Top 8: 2014 American Beatbox Championships (Loopstation Battle)
Top 10: 2016 Midwest Beatbox Battle
Top 16: 2015 Boston Beatbox Battle
Top 16: 2015 New England Beatbox Battle
Top 16: 2014 Midwest Beatbox Battle

My teaching style is supportive, patient, and comprehensive.  My lessons are tailored to you, since every beatboxer has different aspirations, from acappella or rap accompaniment to budding American beatbox champions. I'll help you improve, but, more importantly, I teach practice skills that you can use on your own. Since there is so little instructional material for beatboxing, I'll also provide materials like practice beats and other exercises catered to your beatboxing needs.

My Instructional Goals:

-Expand your sound palette
-Improve your sound quality
-Build your rhythmic and musical instincts
-Teach you useful notation methods
-Build your confidence and performance skills
-Help you create unique beatboxing covers and compositions 
-And more... from mic-technique to collaborative skills to freestyling!

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