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Torontos Bouzouki Specialist

Serving the Global Greek Bouzouki community since 1999 focusing on Lessons, Live Entertainment, Custom Built Bouzoukis, Bouzouki Repair, Studio and Audio Engineering, and Musical Composition.

Toronto's Bouzouki Specialist

The ultimate goal and focus of my teaching style is to get the Bouzouki practitioner stage ready. Music is a performance art. I believe that you should be able to play any song you want exactly the way you heard it from the track. This is a true musician and artist of the field. To be able to do that, you must do music fundamentals training on the basics of time, picking, fingering and scales, then into deeper topics like chords, harmony, Bouzouki duet, taximi (soloing), learning music by ear and more. A seldom talked about topic that I do with all my students is about how to change or correct the body to really take command of the instrument. So, a piece of your training will be spent on the body learning postural stretches specifically targeting areas of the body that become tight from holding this oddly shaped piece of wood. Remember, there is an expectation of you as a Bouzouki player, that you be: fast, technical and expressive. These 3 skills are at the pinnacle of the list and I can help get you there building on the foundational techniques and iconic sounds that make the Bouzouki the wonderfully unique and deeply rich instrument that it is. 

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