Dr. Purvi Luniyal

Indian Classical Voice, Gurbani Sangeet, Harmonium, Composition, Hindustani Voice, Music Theory
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Dr. Purvi is a professional with more than 24 years of enriching experience in Indian Classical Music/Bhajan/Keertan/Gurbani Shabad Keertan and Semi-classical Music who presently works as Prof. and Dean (Faculty of Music) at “Akal College of Arts and Social Sciences”, Eternal University-affiliated to H.P. University, Shimla in India. Coming from an eminent family of musicians, she has been trained under her father and her mentor Lt. Dr. Rajendra Nath Singh (a disciple of Lt. Shri Ram Ashareya Jha).

Dr. Purvi has been organizing International Youth Camps since 2007 to impart music education to non-residents. Since its inception, the camp has witnessed a turnout of hundreds of learners from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada et cetera. 

Additionally, Dr. Purvi has been credited with initiating the teaching of Instrumental music in combination with “Gurmat Sangeet”. Her other major contributions to her college include curating a unique team of Music students, who represented their institution & performed “Gurmat Sangeet” with 12 distinct traditional “Indian string instruments” at various locations worldwide. She has also coordinated as the “Music Director” for her music students, for the telecast of various TV programmes like live telecast on MH1 Channel (2010-2011), “Anahad Bani” at “PTC News Channel” (2010-2013), “Dhur ki Bani” Live at “Zee-ETC Channel” (2012-2013) and later at PTC Simran Channel.  


Dr. Purvi's primary goal is to establish an open channel of communication between her & the learners to get to know their areas of interest and then proceed with the session at a pace best suited to the learner. She provides detailed tailor-made compositions for every lesson plan which act as a point of reference for the learner during their lessons and even after they're done with it. 

Dr. Purvi has an eclectic approach to teaching from years of experience from having taught both children and adults so even if one's a beginner, they need not fret as a step-by-step approach will be undertaken to ensure that the learner is well versed with the basics of composition, reading compositions and eventually learning to compose on their own as well!

Her extensive experience in teaching over 800+ online lessons since she began conducting online classes before the global lockdown in 2020 creates a seamless and effective learning experience for her learners, successfully replicating the benefits of physical teaching in an online format.

Dr. Purvi delivers a complete package in every single session you choose to take with her hereby ensuring that the learner isn't reliant on carrying forward the specific lesson for another session if they do not opt to. However, she believes it is essential for the learners to revise what they've learned, therefore she suggests that they riyaaz (practice) if it fits comfortably into their schedule.

Note: For learners not in possession of a Harmonium, the lessons can be taught on the keyboard as well.

Dr. Purvi pursued her Ph.D. (Music) from Maharshi Dayanand University, Haryana where she also earned her Masters (Music) and was awarded Gold Medal for being the university topper. She has also qualified for the “Sangeet Praveen” examination conducted by “Prayag Sangeet Samiti”, Allahabad, achieving 2nd position on an All-India basis.

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