Edie Eckman

Knitting, Crochet


Edie Eckman is a designer, author and teacher who loves both knitting and crochet. Her comfortable and encouraging teaching style empowers students to gain the skills they need to confidently and enthusiastically take on any crochet or knitting challenge. She is the author of a number of best-selling crochet and knitting titles including The Crochet Answer Book, Around the Corner Crochet Borders and How to Knit Socks: Three Methods Made Easy.

As a teacher and technical editor, Edie is on a mission to ensure that patterns are as clear as possible to the greatest number of knitters and crocheters as possible. Edie serves as a Master Teacher for the Craft Yarn Council's Certified Instructors Program, helping train others to become knitting and crochet teachers.

Reviews from Group Classes

Easy Stitches for Impatient Knitters
Emily T.
on April 26, 2021


Master Teacher for Craft Yarn Council's Certified Instructors Program (i.e., I certify other teachers for the Craft Yarn Council program)
25+ years teaching at the national level

We'll be doing plenty of hands-on work! The supplies needed will depend on what you are working on. We'll discuss that in our first interactions.

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