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Ed taught at the university level for close to a decade, and has substantial experience in designing and teaching courses on ancient languages, specifically Ancient Greek and Latin. His teaching experience also includes a wide variety of Classics courses, such the Greek and Latin roots of the English language, Greek and Roman mythology, and ancient literary classics in translation. As someone who began his own language studies through independent learning and one-to-one instruction before going on to attain his PhD in Classics, Ed is a particularly strong resource for individuals who are dedicated to continuing education and who, for a variety of possible reasons, are interested in learning a classical language.

Ed strives to create a relaxed learning environment that encourages open communication. Although mastering Latin will be the primary mission, this pursuit will inevitably lead to a greater examination of ancient culture. Ed always tailors instruction to an individual student’s learning style and focus of interest, whether that be the desire to read Augustan poetry in the original language or simply to learn Latin for any number of pragmatic reasons. After studying Latin, for example, many students cite an expanded English vocabulary and an improved understanding of English grammar as benefits of their studies. 

PhD in Classics, University of Washington; MA in Classics, University of Washington; MA in English, Northwestern University

For a student starting from scratch and looking for a structured progression toward Latin fluency, Ed has designed a course that corresponds to a well-respected textbook. This course, which includes supplemental materials such as prepared vocabulary flashcards and prerecorded lectures, can be customized to the needs and focus of an individual student. Students who choose to participate in this course will receive discounts on all their videoconferences with Ed at Lessonface. Ed is also familiar with a large variety of Latin textbooks that students might already be using in their studies, and can use these materials, supplementing them where necessary, as the foundation of a learning plan.

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