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Lessonface Keyboard Teacher of the Year 2018   Liz is an experienced, fun and compassionate teacher.  She has taught piano/keyboard lessons for over 20 years and loves teaching piano with a patient, positive approach so students can love and enjoy playing. She loves teaching complete beginners or those coming back to lessons after many years.  Learning piano is a great way to relieve stress, focus the mind and experience the joy and benefits of making your own music.

Liz has taught lessons in a studio for many years and helps those who are shy and more sensitive about taking lessons.   She individualizes lessons to meet each student where they are with their learning style and the amount of time they have to spend on practice in an encouraging, creative atmosphere.  She is a graduate of Columbia College with a BA studying Music and Arts Administration.  She started formal piano lessons at the age of 7 and found it to be a lifelong love. She also has had courses in educational psychology.  She has been an accompanist for several groups including various choral groups and vocalists. 

Note:  Students must be at least 6 years old.

Please email Elizabeth for lesson availability.

I love teaching others the joy of playing the piano and making lessons fun!  I combine traditional teaching with creative learning methods.   I work to connect with each student in a way that best fits their learning style, personality, choice of music, and time available for practice.  I teach classical, pop and whatever style of music the student is interested in.  Along with method books and supplementary materials, I let the student choose the music they like. 

Lessons cover chords/harmonization, improvisation, ear training, transposing, composing, etc.  I use added materials, online resources, and other educational tools to build a lesson plan that fits each student.  I include lesson assignment sheets.

As a teacher, I continue studying, attending seminars, and researching music education.  I believe teaching with encouragement, patience, and positive reinforcement helps students to learn and build confidence in themselves.  I want each student to feel comfortable learning at their own pace.  Lessons can be adapted to fit a student's goals or interests.

When lessons are for young children, a parent will need to be a part of setting up a regular practice schedule and making sure the student practices.  This helps to ensure great results with lessons.

Students are invited to participate in online recitals.

I have always loved the piano and aspire to bring this love and joy of making your own music in the moment to each student!

Note:  For students that want lessons every other week, lessons must be 45-minutes or more.

BA Music and Arts Administration Columbia College

Lesson methods and materials are chosen to fit each student's level and abilities. I use various method books, theory books, supplementary materials/worksheets, and apps to enhance learning and interest.
Students are encouraged to pick music they would like to learn.
Chords, scales, improvisation, ear training, composing, working with lead sheets plus more are all part of making a well-rounded music student. Lessons can be adapted to a student's individual goals.

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