Eric Falter

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Bassist, bandleader and composer Eric Falter has been working professionally in the Boston and New York City area since 2010.  He grew up listening to Motown and classic rock, both of which made him a fan of his first instrument, the guitar.  In high school, Eric began studying the bass guitar at nearby music shop and fell in love with the instrument.

Eric’s passion for teaching began in high school.  What started as one weekly lesson quickly became several.  Watching a student’s talent grow is an extremely rewarding experience.  The best part for him as a teacher is having a student take the tools he has given them and create their own voice as a musician and artist.  Music is a valuable form of communication that allows us to fulfill our creative freedom.

Eric graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2013 with a professional diploma in Professional Music, mainly concentrating on performance and composition/arranging.  Styles include but are not limited to Jazz, Pop, Rock, Blues, Folk, Country R&B, Gospel, Musical Theater, Latin, Funk, Swing, Hip Hop, Electronic, Showtunes, Reggae, Merengue, Latin Jazz, Swing, Salsa, Afro-Cuban, Samba, Bossa Nova and Odd Meters.

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