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Ableton Live, Bass Guitar Set Up, Electric Guitar, Guitar Set Up, Songwriting

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Eric "Doc" Mendelsohn is a dynamic singer, songwriter, producer and live performer with more than 10 years of professional experience  performing and touring internationally.  Hailing from Brooklyn New York, he has played in celebrated venues from night clubs to arenas, bringing invaluable real world experience to his teaching style. As a young person Eric spent years honing skills as both a guitarist and guitar tech. His knack for repairing , setting up,  modifying and even building instruments from scratch earned him the nickname "Doc". As a student at William Patterson University, he gained a formal musical education which he built upon as a touring musician fresh out of college.

In his professional life Doc has navigated the ups and downs of the music industry.  Having been signed by multiple labels with multiple projects, his bands have accumulated millions of streams across streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.  He has also spent years as a producer specializing in Ableton Live.  Doc's current project, "Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue" is a powerhouse Funk/RnB/Disco group that regularly plays in favorite NYC venues.  His knowledge of guitars and live guitar systems developed when he worked as a guitar tech with pop artist Cherub.  Over the past two years Doc has joined rock artist Des Rocs as a bassist and musical director, touring all around the US, Canada, and Europe, including opening for The Rolling Stones and Muse.

Doc is  focused on an experiential approach to learning, tapping into a students curiosity about the music they love. Whether its learning their favorite songs, learning how to program a synth sound or create a drum loop in Ableton, he will guide his students through the process of learning how and why they work the way they do. 

He has prior teaching experience having taught at a number of local music stores and having had private students around northern New Jersey between 2008 and 2012

While I don't require any specific texts as a guitar instructor, I do lay a strong foundation of fingerboard knowledge by working on all positions of the standard modes and applying them to the CAGED system. We will work on all the pentatonic shapes, drawing their similarities to the church modes and giving students a practical road map across the whole range of their instrument. 

In my Guitar set up and maintenance class we will go over every part of our instruments learning their names and function. We will learn step by step how to adjust each component to create a more comfortable playing experience. We will discuss the common failure points of our instruments and learn how to repair them.  As we become more advanced we will learn the basics of guitar electronics and wiring, developing basic soldering skills.  I cant wait to share my passion, knowledge and years of experience with new students!

In my songwriting class we will first and foremost have fun! I love to draw from a students influences to show them a path forward into their own creative endeavors. We will examine common chord structures and patterns, discuss lyrics and learn how to express our ideas in universal and compelling ways. 

In my Ableton and production class I require my students to have access to a copy of Ableton live 9 or newer. We will go over the basics of the program, examining the lay out of tracks, controls and master functions. We will learn how to use and apply common instruments within the program such as drum racks and synths. We will go through the sound libraries and learn how to edit audio with all the flexibility offered in the program. As we become more familiar we will start building our own unique tracks learning basic mixing techniques and applying many common effects such as compression, distortion, reverb, delay and more. The possibilities are endless; lets explore!!   


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