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Greetings! I'm Erioluwa Adeola, a passionate and dedicated saxophonist with an extensive background in playing and teaching. My fascination with music began at an early age, inspired by my parents who were seasoned singers. Over the years, I've mastered several instruments, but my heart truly resonates with the melodious tones of the saxophone.

My formal education journey took me on a path of rigorous analytical study, where I acquired a Master's degree in Human-Robot Interaction from Heriot-Watt University and currently am pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University. Despite the demanding nature of these fields, I've always ensured to carve out a space for music in my life, dedicating a minimum of two hours daily to my saxophone practice.

I am a self-taught musician who has acquired skills from numerous online music courses and careful study of renowned saxophonists like John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and Sonny Rollins. I believe in the transformative power of music and its ability to convey emotions that words often cannot capture. My repertoire spans a wide range of genres, including pop, traditional African, blues, makossa, jazz, and Ibiza, enabling me to connect with a diverse audience.

My performance portfolio is vast, with experience performing at iconic locations such as the River Thames and Tower Bridge in London, Deansgate Locks in Manchester, and various weddings, clubs, and private events in the UK and Nigeria.

As a tutor, I bring three years of experience in providing private saxophone lessons, focusing on the individual needs and interests of each student. I guide my students to explore their own musical journey, focusing on technique, theory, improvisation, and performance skills.

I invite you to join me in this musical exploration where we delve into the beauty and complexity of the saxophone, creating a learning experience that is both engaging and transformative. Let's make music together!

As a tutor, my teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that each student is unique, with their own set of strengths, weaknesses, and musical tastes. With this in mind, my teaching style is tailored to suit each individual student, fostering a supportive and encouraging learning environment.

For beginners, I place great emphasis on fundamentals, helping students to understand the basic theory and establish strong technical skills. As we progress, I gradually introduce more complex concepts, always relating back to popular songs and pieces to keep the learning process enjoyable and relatable.

For intermediate and advanced students, my focus shifts towards fine-tuning their technique and expanding their understanding of musical styles and improvisation. We delve into the world of various musical genres, enhancing their versatility and expression.

At all levels, I believe in nurturing a sense of creativity and freedom in musical exploration. I encourage students to experiment, improvise, and discover their own unique voice on the saxophone. I believe it's not just about learning to play the notes but about understanding and feeling the music.

Moreover, I pay significant attention to performance practice, providing opportunities for students to play in a variety of contexts. This not only helps students to apply what they've learned but also builds confidence, which is essential for any performing musician.

Ultimately, my goal as a tutor is to inspire a love for the saxophone and music in general, guiding students on a rewarding journey of self-discovery, improvement, and musical fulfillment.

Teaching Method

In my teaching method, I strive to cultivate an environment that caters to each student's individual learning pace and style, ensuring that every lesson is engaging, enjoyable, and effective. I believe in a holistic approach that combines practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and creative exploration.

Lessons begin with a focus on foundational skills such as breath control, tone production, and finger positioning, and gradually advance towards more complex concepts like scales, arpeggios, and improvisation techniques. I place a strong emphasis on understanding music theory and its application in playing the saxophone, which I believe forms the backbone of a well-rounded musician.

I believe that learning music should not be confined to one genre. Therefore, students are encouraged to explore a variety of styles, including pop, traditional African, blues, makossa, jazz, and Ibiza. This exposure not only enhances the student's versatility but also enriches their appreciation for music as a whole.

Recommended Student Texts

  1. "The Art of Saxophone Playing" by Larry Teal: An excellent book that provides a comprehensive guide to saxophone fundamentals.

  2. "A New Tune a Day for Saxophone" by Ned Bennett: This is an interactive method book, perfect for beginners who are starting from scratch.

  3. "Top Tones for the Saxophone" by Sigurd Raschèr: A wonderful resource for more advanced students looking to improve their overtones and altissimo register.

  4. "The Jazz Method for Saxophone" by John O'Neill: This book is fantastic for students interested in delving into jazz and improvisation.

  5. "The Real Book" (Hal Leonard Publishing): An essential resource for students interested in jazz and popular music repertoire.

Remember, the journey of music is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience, practice, and persistence are the keys to mastering the saxophone. I look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey.

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