Evan Prescott

Ableton Live, Arranging, Audio Recording and Music Production, Automation, Classical Piano, Collaborative Production, Commercial Songwriting, Composition, Counterpoint, Drum Programming, Electronic Music Arrangement, Electronic Music Composition, Electronic Music Production, Genre-based Production, Gospel Piano, Jazz Arranging, Jazz Composition, Jazz Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory for Producers, New Age Piano, Organ, Piano, Piano Composition, Pop Arranging, Pop Piano, Production Organization, Production Workflow, Rhythm Training, Rock Arranging, Rock Piano, Songwriting, Songwriting Harmony, Songwriting Melody

Lesson Fees
from $25.00 / 30 Minutes


Lifelong Musician and Music Aficionado 

Extensively and continuously self-educated in composition, audio production, ethnomusicology, psychology, mythology, poetry, metaphysics, and so much more

Pianist / Drummer / Vocalist

Proud father and husband 


Music is the core of my essence and has been my life path for as long as I can remember. Since starting classical lessons on piano at the age of 5, it has been my constant companion. Around the age of ten, I discovered the love of collaboratively making music with my friends and developed a deep interest in rock music. This expanded into a lifelong love of jazz within a couple years. Being around so much music soon inspired me to start writing my own and performing it with a variety of my projects. Although I excel at many different aspects of music, I primarily identify as a composer of many genres. Throughout my teenage years, I composed and notated multiple classical chamber works a year as part of the one-of-a-kind Young Composers Project put on by Music In The Mountains. I oversaw the rehearsal and performance of all these pieces, and eventually became a teachers aide in the program and mentor to the younger composers. Around the age of fourteen, I became very interested in making electronic compositions on the computer. This grew into a tremendous interest in audio production and sound synthesis, and the creation of literally hundreds of electronic works. I am currently working on the soundtracks for multiple upcoming documentaries, as well as lullaby soundscape album meant for babies.


Some of my projects include

Kravyn (producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist)  - Electronic art rock/pop duet with my wife

Anomie (composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist) - Collaborative project with legendary filmmaker Ken Adams

WindowPainter (keyboards/drums) - Singer-songwriter project that touches upon alternative rock, folk, pop, bluegrass, reggae, and more

The Sun Waves (keyboards - first incarnation, drums - second incarnation) - Surf rock band 

Toy Traps (drums) - Ska punk band

The Source radio show on KVMRX - One of a kind radio program with lots of in-studio performances and local music

Earthship Productions (keyboards/drums) - Resident instrumentalist at studio built by legendary luthier Ken Bebensee


I make individual lesson plans for every student based on their interests. I believe the best way to learn is through hands-on projects. I love helping my students develop true passion for music through real projects they are proud of. I am an expert at piano and drums who is equally comfortable in jazz, rock, classical, electronic, and world styles. I also like to play and teach guitar, bass, and vocals. For those interested, I love teaching composition of all styles, audio engineering, sound synthesis, music theory, or any combination of the above. 

I currently teach in-person lessons with the organizations B.O.C.O. and Lessons In Your Home and am making the shift to online work. 

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