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Evgenios Anastasiadis, was born in Thessaloniki in 1994. At a young age he started flute lessons and harmony specialization, in which he holds a degree. He completed his bachelor studies in flute with Prof. Katrin Zenz at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki and then his Master/Solo flute with Prof. Dirk Peppel at the University of Music and Dance in Cologne. On July 2021 he finished succesfully his final concert on his second master deegree (Master/Instrumental Education/Contemporary Music) with Prof. Barbara Maurer and Anne-Cathérine Heinzmann at Folkwang University of the Arts Essen.

He has participated in many national and international competitions and won many prizes and has collaborated as a soloist several orchestras.

Besides playing the flute, since the age of 13, he has been composing his own music and since then he has been playing regularly with young orchestras all over Greece. When he was at the age of 13 his composition “Blue Night” was presented by the Music High School of Thessaloniki Orchestra. He distinguished the 1st prize for the music he has composed for short films. On 2014 he presents his composition “Rhapsody” for flute and string orchestra, played by Camerata Youth Orchestra at the Athens Conservatory (World Premiere) and since then he has performed this piece in Delphi and Thessaloniki. Furthermore on 2015 he presents his composition “Rhapsody no 2” for flute and string orchestra, with the orchestra of the University of Macedonia at Thessaloniki Concert Hall (World Premiere).

The year 2019-2020 Evgenios was a member of the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra (Intership).

As an orchestral musician, he has collaborated with Thessaloniki Municipal Symphony Orchestra, Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, Greek Turkish Young Orchestra, Wuppertal Kammerphilharmonie, Bergische Symphoniker, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Europian Union Youth Orchestrer, Kammerphilarmonie Europa, World Peace Philarmonic and has also participated in recordings music albums of several renowned Greek artists.


 I attended a music high school and grew up in a musical family as my parents are amateur musicians and my three brothers are professional musicians. Music was an integral part of my life, whether I was at home or away from home. 

 My teaching is based on teaching the student how to learn, to be patient and to persevere until they achieve their goal. My experiences over the years into adulthood, motivate me to help today's young children have similar and even more beautiful experiences and experiences through music. 

 The way the class is conducted is designed to help students understand that through music beautiful experiences develop ,we can and do express our inner world and learn to live in harmony with the rest of the ensemble. This approach to music has led me to study several teaching methods and to recreate my own method where the student will develop his/her musical senses and virtues (hearing,thinking,memory,patience,perseverance) , and will dynamically develop more and more into a better human artist. I am a freelance musician, based now in Germany.

Yours sincerely Evgenios Anastasiadis

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