Franco Garbarini

Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Electric Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Guitar, Reharmonization, Rock Guitar, Sibelius, Songwriting Arrangement


I can teach students theory, harmony, ear training, improvisation, how to play their favorite songs, how to create their own music, and how to read both tablature and sheet music.


I started playing guitar when was in the 8th grade. At that time I was into punk, and as got older I moved into listening to classic rock, then blues, then all sorts of funk-jazz and jam bands, and now classical and sacred art. And my playing of the guitar has following the same trajectory: I played in the style I listened to. One common thread through all of this has been an, at first unconscious, but now fully conscious focus on the art of improvisation.

- Tertiary (Vocational Training in the artistic field - musical) • 2011 – 2022 School of Popular Music of Avellaneda (EMPA) Instrumental Guitar Technique in Popular Music - Tutorials - Electric guitar lessons (Rock) – Robert Fripp's pick technique – with Sebastián del Muro Eiras - Folklore-jazz guitar classes with Nestor Gómez - Musical artistic experience - Guitarist in Ragazzas (Rock-Pop) 2009 – 2014 - Guitarist in Duo Roldán – Garbarini (Folklore-Jazz projection) 2018 - 2020 - Training in teaching • 2017 Philosophy Course Suzuki Method Prof. Diana Chagalj and Patricia Pasmanter • 2018 Suzuki Method applied to Guitar (Book 1) Prof. Diana Chagalj • 2019 Early Childhood Musical Stimulation Prof. Laura Maldonado • 2019 Suzuki Method applied to Guitar (Book II) Prof. Diana Chagalj • 2020 Suzuki Method Pre-Estrellita Prof. Diana Chagalj

I have Certificate in Suzuki method , and studied Music Education at EMPA in Buenos Aires.

In my 'about me' section I have laid out in a general fashion what I will teach you.

I am very patient with my students. focus on the qualities of effortless action, patience, contentment with our current abilities while striving to attain (eventual) mastery.

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