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Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Contemporary Composition, Drums, Ear Training, Electric Guitar, Guitar, Jazz Composition, Jazz Guitar, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Piano, Lead Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, Reggae Guitar

Lesson Fees
from $30.00 / 30 Minutes


    • Frank began music studies in 1967, graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Composition Degree in 1980 (Magna Cum Laude), and studied privately with Charlie Banacos for several years, completing Guitar Studies and adding Piano Studies afterward. He studied Drums with Joe Dorris, a student of Gary Chaffee, and Sax and Voice with Stan Bialomizy. 
  • Experience
    • Frank has been teaching since 1974, seeing thousands of students over the years. He has been teaching online since 2010, at various times over the years meeting with students in Argentina, Australia, England and Ireland. 
    • Frank began performing in clubs in 1974, and has played more than 5,000 gigs over the years.
    • Frank has written music in a multitude of styles, both for professional purpose (advertising, promotion, on-hold music) and artistic performance. 
    • Frank has an extensive recording background as an artist, producer and hired hand. 
  • Bands and Performances
    • Cat's A Bear has performed Frank's original music since 1982, and continues to compose, perform and record with the latest incarnation of the group.
    • Frank is a Founding Member of One World Tribe, which formed in 1994, has 3 Albums and continues to perform and create original music.
    • Frank is one half of JD Jazz and Blues Duo with Vocalist/Harmonica player Joe Dorris. The duo has released three albums, including their Holiday contribution, And To All... which includes the Blues version of Auld Lang Syne.
    • Frank recorded and performed with JD and the Sons of Rhythm, a Collective Improvisation Ensemble that released 13 Double CDs (Double Album Length) over the course of five years. Frank played Guitar, Guitar Synth, Keyboards and Bass Guitar throughout the Album Collection.
    • Frank was the 'House Musician' at the Anchor In for several years, presenting Friday Night Jazz duos and small ensembles. Local, regional and national artists performed with Frank at the In, including Richie Cole, Ernie Krivda, Claire Daly, Bruce Johnstone, B.D. Lenz and Tony Grey.
    • Frank has performed with Stephen Trohoske of Artlore Studio in a number of bands, including 3Bop (Trio with Brad Amidon), Ahimsa Beat (Original Music from Multiple Contributors with Multiple Players), Hands of Theives (Steve's Originals and Dub with Multiple Players), Attitude Plus Duo (Jazz and Original Music) and Art Groupies (Covers and Original Music with Multiple Players).
  • Awards
    • Recipient of Richard Levy Award in Recognition of Outstanding Musicianship for Contemporary Composition (1980)
    • Finalist, World Music Category, John Lennon Songwriting Contest for Unity And Diversity, title track of One World Tribe's debut CD (1999) (YouTube Audio)
    • Nice Guy Award (Patience Catagory)
    • Best Puns (Dad Catagory
  • I tailor my lessons for each student. I have had a multitude of students of different ages, interests, careers, and time of life. Charlie Banacos gave me a way to teach comprehensive improvisational styles which I have applied to Jazz, Blues, Rock and many other styles of American Music. My background as a composer enables me to unlock the inner workings of music styles and help the student learn the right Tool Kit for the job.

Graduate in Composition, Berklee College of Music, 1980
Graduate of Guitar Studies, Charlie Banacos, 1982

I design the lessons for the student as we go. I have prepared documents covering a number of topics which are applied when the need arises in the student's development. Most of these are PDF documents, but I also create play-along jams for certain projects.

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