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I am Gloria, a certified Musicologist, Music Educator, Professional Singer and Violinist.

Gloria has conducted lessons on voice, violin, theory of music, etc for students both online and on-site for the past 8+ years and has tutored students of all ages and levels. She has moved from working as a music classroom teacher to being an independent music teacher who spends most of her time teaching music online to students all over the world. Due to her professional music experience of 11+ years, she has since been a highly sought after teacher of music and performer both nationally and internationally.

Gloria holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from the premier University of Ibadan, Nigeria and has helped over 100+ students start up a career path in music with a tremendous skill improvement rate of 98%.

In the bid of trying to reach more people through music, she founded a music brand- Gloriastyle Music in the year 2021 to connect the world through music.

Gloria is a seasoned performer and a passionate teacher that enjoys passing knowledge to her students and music minds alike.

Professional and well-structured voice lessons as well as teaching in practice for singers and violinist (beginners, intermediate, and expert) who wish to bring the best out of their voices/instrument (violin).

I personally love to hear first from my students. My first lesson usually would kick-start on an 'introductory note' (A discuss, question and answer section) such as:

1. Asking my students if they have had any previous formal vocal or violin experience(s) before. If yes, they speak about their experience(s). (This helps in the placement of a student in a particular level).

2. Style of vocal music the student will want to learn. Etc... This part aims to get the student relaxed and ready for what comes after.

3. Student's goals for the lesson

4. Student sings me a song

5. Vocal test run 

6. What the student should expect from the voice lesson moving forward


I progress to the second part of the lesson:

What the voice is? 

Parts of the instrument.

Posture alignment and exercises. Etc.

Creating sound


Body tension and jaw stress.

Vowels and consonants

Vocal techniques...

During lessons and at the end of every lesson, students are allowed the time to ask questions thereby making sure they have a great understanding  of the lesson.

B.A Music, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria.

Graduate of the Cecilian Academy of Sacred Music, Lagos, Nigeria.

Major soloist at Gloriastyle Music.

Artistic Director at First Viola Schools Competition and Festivals.

Former Major soloist and singer at Holy Family Troupe Lagos, Nigeria.

Former Major soloist and singer at The Ibadan Philharmonic Society, Ibadan, Nigeria.

One time soloist at Ibadan City Choral, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Music Educator at Gloriastyle Music.

Former music teacher at Cecilian Academy of Sacred Music, Lagos, Nigeria.

Former Teacher of Voice, Violin and Theory of Music at Eleas Modela International School of Music, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Former Voice teacher The Vale College, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Chorus member at the Dionysus Ensemble online project- Commonwealth Natural Wonders Project (Celebration of the Queen of England's platinum jubilee).

Voice facilitator for the basics of singing seminar at Divine Mercy Catholic church, Lagos, Nigeria.

Former student voice director at the department of music choir, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria.

Chorus member at the University of Ibadan choir, at the intercollegiate Choral Fest (African Sings concert), University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.

Freelance teacher of music both online and on-site.

Personalized Teaching Method:

A list of recommended Voice, Violin, Music Theory, and Sight Reading tutor books, and practice books that would be used in the course of the lesson based on the student's level.

Voice Tutor and Practice Books :

1. Absolute Beginners for voice 

2. Voice Tutor Simplified 

3. Twenty-Six Classical Songs by Various Composers

4. Twenty Four Italian Songs and Arias of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century for Medium and High Voices

5.The Best Songs Ever

6.Broadway Comedy Songs 

7. 5 Sacred Songs

8. 7 Art Songs. Etc.


Violin, Viola Tutor and Practice/Technique Books:

1. A Tune a Day for Violin book 1

2. A Tune a Day for Violin Book 2

3. A Tune a Day for Viola Book 1

4. A Tune a Day for Viola Book 2

5. Essential Element 2000 for Strings Book 1 and 2

6. Suzuki Method Book 1-8

7. Modern Violin Tutor Including Scales and Exercises in all Positions 

8. Solos for Young Violinist Book 1, 2, and 3. Etc.


Music Theory Books: 

1. A Hand Book of  Musical Knowledge Part 1: Rudiments of Music

2. TRINITY Grade 1 -7 Music Theory 

3. ABRSM Grade 1-7 Music Theory 

4. MUSON Grade 1-5 Music Theory. Etc.


Sight Reading Book:

1. The Vocal Sight Reader. Etc.

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