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Chanting, Indian Classical Voice



I am Harini. I am a trained carnatic musician with 18+ years of learning experience and 2 years of teaching experience. I have a certificate in music from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University and have performed in many sabhas such as Rama Gana Sabha etc. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring new cultures, learning languages and focus on artistic pursuits.

I am a warm and fun loving person. My lessons are organized to ensure engaging content to encourage learner's to think and also keep things exciting which helps them stay motivated. Lessons are always student centric keeping in mind their goals and expectations. The curriculum is designed individually for each student in case of a one on one lesson where focus is on achieving milestones in the best possible manner.  Improvisation is a hallmark of Indian musical tradition. Novel delivery of traditional music material helps my students understand music at an earlier stage than their peers who are trained in conventional manner. This also translates to improved analytical and critical thinking skills.

Certificate in Carnatic Vocal Music - Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University

Lesson plans are customized for individual students by taking into account their age, ability and goals. However, the following aspects are included for all students:

1. Student aspirations and goals  along with current musical knowledge(if student has any background in any form of music) are discussed to come up with a lesson plan and for the set of milestones.

2. The curriculum to be followed is then decided with detailed lesson planning for the next couple of lessons.

3. Supporting materials for a lesson such as sheet music etc. are sent before lessons

4. Lessons involve a balanced mix of age appropriate theoretical content and practical music. For children aged less than 5, only practical sessions are conducted.

5. Periodic evaluation of content is done if a student is interested and certificates are provided for completion of levels.  Theoritical evaluations are open book. National certification training can also be given at student's request.

6. All materials are provided by the instructor or a student is directed to appropriate open source resources on the web.

7.Detailed feedback is given to all students after each lesson

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