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Hayden Greyson (Bachelor of Science Degree in Teaching Music, All Grades from NYU) has years of experience innovatively teaching music in both the public school system and via private lessons. In 2022, he was the Writer/Puppeteer for Erwin & Oatmeal (Musical, Educational Puppet Show) from which one of his original songs called “No Big Deal” was a semi-finalist in the 2022 International Songwriting Competition in the children's music category.

Hayden is the lead singer of the band Doctor My Eyes - A Tribute to Jackson Browne.  An entertainer extraordinaire, Hayden is a singing pianist and a poetic folk rock singer songwriter who has composed Thankful For You: The Wedding Song, heard over half a million times on YouTube & performed at weddings worldwide, and a Los Angeles Music Award Winner for “Best Children's Music.”


2023 - International Songwriting Contest (Semi-Finalist)

2022 - USA Songwriting Contest (Finalist) • The UK Songwriting Contest (Finalist) • SongDoor International Songwriting Competition (Honorable Mention)  

Los Angeles Music Award (Winner) 

Portland Songwriting Association Contest (Winner)

Featured by Classroom Close-up, American Idol, The Joy Behar Show 

NJ Teacher Who Rocks

NJ State Star School

Private music students of Hayden Greyson have been honored with:

2023 Womens Freedom Songwriting Contest Honorable Mention

2020 1st Place in WMUH's Radio Riff-Off Competition

2018 Performance at the historic Count Basie Theatre

2017 2nd Place GRAMMY Foundation® and MusiCares® Teens Make Music Contest

2013 1st Place New Jersey Shout Down Drugs (songwriting competition)

One of my greatest passions is to coach, mentor and teach piano students as well as musical artists. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education from New York University, years of experience as a music educator and continue to study with luminaries in the music world. 

I have trained in pop, rock as well as classical techniques with a traditional and modern foundation.

My teaching approach is very creative while also inspired by a modern & classical approach to self-discipline inspired by my own continued studies, successes and footfalls as well as philosophy from my kung fu training, and catered to your unique learning style.

Want to learn notes? Great, I'm happy to help.

Don't want to learn notes? Yup, you can still play piano. Did you know that the Irving Berlin, the legendary composer of famous songs like White Christmas, God Bless America and Blue Skies, wrote songs without reading or writing music?

Want to improvise, compose or write songs? Or not sure how to improve upon where you are now? 

Joy, creativity, fun and humor are part of the enlightening learning process, as well as overcoming hurdles and challenges along the journey.

Skill accomplishments of my students include:

learning how to play piano from scratch, brushing up or polishing skills as well as being inspired from constructive feedback to breakthrough creatively and performance wise

accompanying singing with piano 

composing memorable melodies 

improved vocal performance

overcoming creative hurdles, writer's block & stage fright 

getting "unstuck" whether it be as a piano player or singer / songwriter

Career accomplishments of my students include:

being selected to attend the Grammy Awards rehearsals

winning a marketing and recording package with a music entertainment group

performing off-Broadway 

winning a $5,000 college scholarship

singing at the historic Count Basie Theatre for a sold-out crowd

courageously releasing their beautiful music online to stellar reviews  

I'm most proud of my students for learning to learn music with enthusiasm, expression, humility, ingenuity, creativity and self-reliance. I believe some of the greatest awards are a result of inner success and harmony.  

Your lesson is your time to choose what you would most like to focus on. I teach in a harmonious way to help each student along their own path.

Why should you study with me? I'm passionately committed to helping artists creatively find their unique voice, regardless of style.

I'm greatly experienced at helping artists to feel more creatively free, validated, inspired and educated on specific musical topics.

At the end of the day, I believe the teacher that you feel most artistically connected with and most inspired by on a teacher-student level, just might be the best coach for you.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Teaching Music, All Grades from NYU

You are expected to show up at your lesson time with focus, commitment, courage & determination to grow as an artist which includes facing challenges & having practiced wholeheartedly. 

Please do not book a lesson if you are not ready to focus. That said, I am happy to help you learn how to practice. In my experience, this does NOT arrive naturally to most students. I can help motivate you to be more self-disciplined as well as encourage you when the road gets tough, but you only get as much out of this as you put into it, as they say. 

While you will definitely learn at your lessons, I can't practice for you and your own artistic exploration will ultimately teach you the most. That said, I can save you a lot of time and from having to reinvent the wheel!

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