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Counterpoint, Flute, Music Theory, Breathing and Sound
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I am Heather. 25 years old. South African musician (flute, oboe, ukulele). Aaand a passionate online educator.  


I come from a very creative family, so I never run out of ideas. 
I wish to make consistent content for you guys! This includes exclusive content about my life, where I can combine everything that I have mastered in the music practice rooms and teach you how to perform while keeping your mind relaxed. 

Got a question? 
      - Just reach out, I don't bite.

Much love,

Below is a list of the areas I am comfortable teaching:

- Ukulele
- African Music
- Flute
- Beginner Oboe
- Beginner Guitar 
- Music technology
- Music Theory online (Beginner to Advanced)

Teaching Experience:
- 2022 - DATE ~ Lead Montessori Directress at Kaleidoscope Montessori School
- 2021 ~ Flute teacher at Bailie Park Primary
- 2020 ~ Flute Assistant at Die Wilge
- 2019 ~ Classroom Music teacher at Potchefstroom Primary
- 2016 - 2018 ~ Montessori Directress at Kaleidoscope Montessori Homeschool. 

There is something incredibly inspiring about the power of education.
The music classroom is a place for a student to awaken his/her
musical ability from within himself/herself. 

This is why I am leaping at the opportunity to apply my 7 years of
teaching experience inside the child’s educational environment. I
stepped into the field of education in 2016 and studied Montessori
Education. This was just the beginning for me. After this, I went on
several music-teaching courses, including Colourstrings (Martin, Z)
and Colorfully Playing the Piano (Fisher, J).

I worked super hard and received an award for the participation in Community music 

The experience of “musicking,” breaks the barriers of external social
cohesion and redefines the word, ‘Ubantu’ – the concept of being
united within a strong community. This is my passion! Believing in
the child and teaching them not only the notes but also how to
express their feelings through the music.

2016 - Montessori Diploma and (MACTE & SETA)
2016 - Colourstrings Phase 1
2017 - Music through Movement
2021 - Bachelor of Arts in Music SASMT (South African Society of Music Teachers)
2022 - 140hour TEFL

In 2016, I graduated from the College of Modern Montessori with Merit.
From 2019 - 2021, I completed a bachelor of Arts in Music.

Download and play through the ukulele workbook, which can be found below: 

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