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Isabel Tucen is a Singer, Actor and Cantor. She is a graduate of New World School of the Arts, where she received a BFA in Musical Theatre. She holds an associates from Miami Dade College in  Music Education with a focus on Voice. From working in Children’s Theatre, Cantoring, Podcasting and Producing her One Person Show Soul by Soul.

Isabel is a freelance collaborative Artist.

Her expertise is in teaching voice,sight singing for singers and acting. Isabel is a passionate Musician and believes in forming singers that are not only skilled with their technique yet that they can also understand the music language by being able to read the music they have before them! Isabel has also taught at Camp Broadway for two years consecutively as a Featured Player! Teaching singing, acting and dance to children aged 7-18. **All ages are welcome to take lessons**

For students interested in Music Theory for Singers, that will be a supplemental course given for singers who are interested in learning how to read music and sight sing their vocal parts! In these lessons we will touch the topics of sight reading, pitch, rhythm, meter, dynamics and a more in depth look at the musical vocabulary in relationship with Music Theory and using your ear to recognize pitches and intervals!

My mission: To enrich students with the joy of singing and Music Theory!

I believe that every individual learns music skills differently. As a teacher I seek to design lessons that provide each student with the opportunities to grow in a creative and enjoyable way. Providing a customized schedule for each student is essential for engaging and encouraging musical growth. I have discovered that as students combine interests with their music study it brings more enjoyment to their musical experience!

Performing is encouraged and recitals are given regularly. It is a great opportunity to share what has been learned.

**I highly recommend a 15 minute free trial to meet, set goals, and ask any questions you may have.**

**Sessions can be taught in Spanish and English**


I teach voice for singers, actors who sing or students of any age young and old who want to explore their voice and learn what their voice can do!

Voice Sessions are as follows!

I would teach the vocalist ascending and descending vocal exercises to help warm up the voice and prepare to sing. I would assign some songs for the student and begin learning a song. Exercises will be often recommended to do at home in the time we don't meet to ensure the progrresion of the students voice. 

Musical Theory/ Sightsinging Lesson will be as follows:

All worksheet and Materials will be provided online!

Students will learn the grand staff, how to read the notes on both Bass clef and Treble clef, the duration of notes, rhythms, how to identify key signatures,  and combine all those methods to learn how to sight read. Simple Exercises will be assigned to practice at home! 

In combination we will go through ear development exercises in being able to recognize musical intervals! Recognize simple chords like major and minor chords. And being able to detect if we are in a Major key or Minor key!

Audition coaching will have an emphasis on the audition requirements for the student.

We will go over the song or monologue. Picking a cut. Singing through the song or performing the monologue. Talk about the specifics involving the character, diction and emotional reality of the students pieces. 


Bachelors of Fine Arts New World School of the Arts
Associates in Music for Education Voice Miami Dade College

If the student wants more specific training geared towards musical theater and Broadway, which include more performing and acting concepts we can go that route if wanted. This is definitely one of my specialties and areas of experience personally and professionally.

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