Ivy Shiffler

AP English Language & Composition, Arts, Drawing, Ink painting, Painting, Paper Art, Writing

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Making art all my life, I began working as a professional artist in my home town, the Wildwoods, NJ, painting murals for local businesses and set backgrounds for high school plays, as well as teaching private and group art lessons.  I was also a substitute teacher/art/all subjects k-12 for South Jersey public schools, Sylvan learning tutor, and summer art camp instructor for over a decade.

After completing fine arts and graphic arts college, I moved to Manhattan, NYC, to work as a mural artist with a competitive and reputable company, Sam Simon Projects, and honed my skills as a fine artist.  My husband, Musician Eddie Shiffler, performed and hosted many arts and music events with me in New York and NJ.  Some of these include Sloan Fine Arts, NYC, Evening of Hope Arts Benefit Concert, NJ, Downtown Millville Flower Festival, NJ 2013, Emerging Proud Day, May 12th, yearly international collaborative event from 2018.

Now, I live and work in Florida, painting en plein aire, doing freelance graphic design, painting portraits and original artwork, murals, filming and editing nature documentaries, and offering private and small group multi arts lessons for all ages and levels.  

I am an interest based instructor.  Feel at ease with a friendly, relaxed and entertaining arts instructor.  I teach homeschoolers as well as public school students, and adults, always with the students' interests as the basis of our curriculum goals.   The student sets the pace in terms of subject matter, personal goals, and general interest.  I challenge students with open discussion, encourage critical thinking, and use daily practical experience, current research, and steady practice to improve skills consistently.  Step by step lessons mixed with guided practice are the daily processes that will give tips and strategies for improvement.  File shares of tutorials and projects keep the student busy and connected with the instructor/lesson work between lessons.  

-Mason Gross School of Fine Arts, Rutgers University, NJ
-Stockton College School of Visual Arts, NJ
-Sam Simon Projects Manhattan, NYC

Certified Substitute Teacher Southern NJ Public Schools:
-Wildwood High, Glenwood Elementary, Collingswood High/ k-12, Haddonfield k-12

Kidz Creations Summer Camp, Ocean City, NJ:
-Camp Instructor and Director/ Writer of Art Curriculum

Director and Co-Founder Downtown Millive Flower Festival 2013 (Ivy Chaya Gallery and Multi Arts Event Space):

Materials for artmaking:


Paper, Drawing tools, Paint, etc TBA according to type of Art and Medium

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