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J. Warren Berry currently lives near Raleigh, NC and has been a teacher and photographer for over 20 years.  His training as a teacher was at Elon University.  As a photographer, he trained under the nationally known photographer Don McGowan.  Currently, he teaches virtually, in-person private lessons, and at folk schools teaching how to use both DSLR cameras and iPhones.  

In addition to his general photography courses, he teaches courses that focus on taking and editing pictures in specialized situations such as small crafts, nature, and rustic architecture incorporating composition and the graphic arts in each area.  His specialized teaching techniques allow students to quickly see significant improvements in their pictures.  Regardless of the class length, he trains students in such a way that they have a base upon which to continue building after completing his classes.  

I have taught photography at John C.  Campbell folk school and for years was a science teacher in North Carolina.  My love of nature let me to become a Nature Photographer while still teaching science, and I continued as a Nature Photographer and photography teacher after retiring from science teaching.

Reviews from Group Classes

iPhone Photography Composition
Teri C.
on February 22, 2021

I am more analytical in setting up my photography. Considering the Golden Rule, light, subject, angle and more.

Regarding my teaching methods, I first equip students with information, then let them use that information in a hands-on approach with my input as needed, and then come back together to analyze results together--focusing on the positive and discussing areas for improvement that can last well after the course ends.  In this way, students can take useful knowledge away from the course that will be the beginning of there journey through photography.

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